WWE 2008 Unforgiven Card: Predictions

unforgiven3.jpgVickie Guerrero promises an apology from The Undertaker:

Vickie will come to the ring with the family surrounding her and demand that Undertaker comes out. Undertaker will come out and by the time he reaches the ring, it will be just Vickie and Undertaker as the rest of the family scampers for cover. Vickie’s resolve will crack in about ten seconds and she’ll run from the ring for her life. This will not impress the McMahons.

Big Show will come out and stare down Undertaker.

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Junior vs. Cryme Tyme (WWE World Tag Team Titles):

Rhodes and DiBiase have already dropped the title once, to Batista and Cena. It’s a pretty obvious outcome when we consider how big management is on DiBiase. Expect Orton to be watching the match as he’s got a stable to build once he fully recovers.

Winner: Rhodes and Dibiase retain.

Michelle McCool vs. Maryse Oulett (WWE Diva Title):

I have to look at the pictures of Maryse in lingerie through filtered lenses to keep my brain from exploding. Maryse looking hot in lingerie is the only reason she’s getting pushed. A title builds credibility when a heel holds it and the babyface has to chase it- a real reason for Maryse to win, but we don’t credit WWE’s creative division for that much effort into building storylines for the Divas.

Winner: Maryse new Diva Champion

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho (Unsanctioned Match):

This match is unsanctioned because Michaels doesn’t have medical clearance for his eye injury that he suffered at the hands of Y2J. This is truly a great feud and we can expect some amazing ring action. Since the other main events are slated for 20 minutes, this match could go for an hour. Who will win? With Michaels’ near-injury still requiring some rest after the main event and Y2J’s heel momentum, we’re thinking the match won’t end in Shawn Michael’s favor. Y2J won’t escape this match unscathed, either.

The feud will continue.

Winner: Chris Jericho with interference, but Michaels will get some measure of revenge.

Mark Henry vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Fit Finlay vs. Matt Hardy vs. Mike Mizanin (ECW Heavyweight Title – Scramble Match):

Henry will look dominant throughout the match but Hardy will pick up the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy new world champion.

C.M. Punk vs. Dave Batista vs. John B. Layfield vs. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio (Raw World Heavyweight Title – Scramble Match):

WWE management has figured out that the worse they treat CM Punk, the more over he gets with the audience as an ‘underdog’ champion and we don’t think the experiment is over, yet. CM Punk seizes an opportunity for a last second victory.

Winner: CM Punk retains.

Triple H vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Jeff Hardy vs. M.V.P. vs. Shelton Benjamin (WWE Championship – Scramble Match):

The way Triple H has been scripted at Smackdown makes us think that this match will be a squash for The Hunter. Expect something ridiculous that will make Triple H look good and everyone else look bad, like Triple H piling his opponents in the middle of the ring and sitting on them as the clock runs down…although, if Kane did it in his match, it would be cool.

Winner: Triple H retains.

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