Phantom Lord on TNA’s woes

stingjeff.jpgPhantom Lord from posted an article on August 31st, 2008, that’s a good read on TNA. The article is titled, “The Rant Of The Week: Fire Jarrett”, which gives the reader an idea where he’s going…

Here’s an excerpt;

I’ve been watching TNA from their start and they had so much promise to fill the void left by WCW and ECW. What they have managed to do in those six years sense is cause nothing but fans to wonder if TNA ever plans on really becoming a success. There is a huge core of fans out there that WWE does not have and TNA really has no excuse not to be going after them. All TNA is doing is just trying to cipher off fans from the WWE and as we’ve seen according to the ratings and buyrates it’s not working.

TNA is run by Jeff Jarrett and basically he is trying to recreate WCW from the year 2000. The big angle they are building is basically going to be New Blood vs. Millionaires club. Now normally an angle like this would work, but not the way they are building it up. Basically what it’s really building to is a match between Jeff Jarrett and Sting. Nothing to get over anyone involved, it’s just a way for Jarrett to fluff his ego and his own sense of self worth. I’ve always said TNA’s biggest problem is they booking their shows like they are still a company in Nashville. Jarrett’s superman act might have worked for Jerry Lawler in Memphis in the 80’s, but for 2008 it just sad to watch (which by the way I am convinced that’s all his doing…emulating Lawler).

It’s not that I hate Jeff Jarrett the wrestler. As a wrestler he’s pretty damn good and more then capable of putting on good matches. His only problem is he has this delusion that he and he alone is TNA’s top draw and EVERYTHING has to revolve around him. For the last couple of years since I really started taking TNA to task I’ve raised this point over and over and over and after this week I think I’ve finally reached my breaking point with TNA.

Sting finally broke his silence on Impact and he gave a some what rambling promo about why he did what he did. Basically the younger generation of stars can not be trusted with taking the company into the future because they have no respect for those who came before them.

Ok that right there is good enough for an angle. Through out the history of wrestling the most heated angles have always been between the legend who demands respect and the upstart youngster who wants to put said legend out to pasture. The greatest one was Bruno Samartino vs. Larry Zybysko which ended with a huge steel cage match in Shea Stadium in front of over 30,000 people where Bruno kicked the shit out of the youngster and beat the respect into him.

TNA could easily do this with say Sting and AJ Styles since that’s where they are obviously building to. The one problem is with Vince Russo molding this angle it will make no sense as all ready evident by Sting’s rambling promo. See Russo has always wanted things to be like a shoot. Up is down…left is right…black is white. Everything is gray so to speak. It can’t simply be a heel taking on a face. There has to be something else to it and as we know that just confuses the hell out of everything. Nothing can ever be simple when Russo is involved.

As much hate as we rightfully give Vince Russo, in the end he is only a messenger. Jeff Jarrett is the one putting all of this stuff together. Russo just has the unfortunate task of turning it all into a two hour show each week. But together they are a lethal combination and add into that Dutch Mantel and Jarrett’s other lackeys and toadies and its no wonder at its best Impact is confusing and at its worst it’s a train wreck.

I think when it comes down to it; Jarrett hates it when anyone tells him his booking is crap. It’s been documented all ready that Jarrett tells people to go take a walk if they confront him on the illogical nature of the layout of the show.

TNA has such a great roster and there really is no need for all the bullshit they do. People keep wondering what can be done to fix TNA. Some people have this crazy notion that if TNA hired Paul Heyman he could stop the bleeding and fix everything. Well Paul is smart enough to not get onto a sinking ship. As long as Jeff Jarrett is in charge of things it does not matter WHO is writing the shows. Ultimately as the writer you are at the behest of the producer and since Jarrett is in charge what he says goes.

If you want change that’s all you have to do. Remove Jarrett from a position of power within the company. Then and only then will TNA maybe have a chance to start over fresh. Bare in mind though, just because I think Jarrett should be removed from power doesn’t mean I think they should get rid of him as a wrestler. Like I said I like Jeff Jarrett the wrestler. Of course if he can’t put himself over he’d probably quit anyway. But with Jarrett making his grand return since he is a pillar of the wrestling business and the savior of TNA(watch the video they did on Jarrett on this weeks Impact if you don’t believe me) don’t expect that to happen any time soon. All I know is I’m just counting down the days till Jarrett/Joe is announced and Jeff takes the TNA title once again because as we know the first 780 days of his title reigns were such huge successes for them.

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