Offical Raw Preview for 09.01.08

shawn-michaels.jpegMOUNTING TENSIONS

Though SummerSlam was just weeks ago, there is only one thing on the mind of WWE Superstars: Unforgiven. With a Championship Scramble set to feature five of Raw’s most powerful and intense competitors, and multiple matches set on Monday night, tensions are running high.

After General Manager Mike Adamle announced that John Cena’s recently sustained herniated disk in his neck would prevent him from competing in the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble, he claimed that he would have a suitable replacement for the Chain Gang Commander. That replacement turned out to be another former World Champion, Rey Mysterio. But Mysterio has been missing from Raw for months, due to a brutal attack by Kane, if the Big Red Monster is to be believed. Will Mysterio be in good enough physical condition to compete at Unforgiven? And what type of mental state will the Ultimate Underdog be in?

Meanwhile, the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble’s other four competitors competed against one another on Monday night, with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk proving his mettle against JBL while Batista’s match with Kane ended in a disqualification when the Big Red Monster introduced a steel folding chair into the match. With Punk and JBL nursing a long-time rivalry, and Batista keeping Kane in his sights because of the Big Red Monster’s treatment of Mysterio, emotions are running high amongst the Scramble competitors. With Unforgiven scant weeks away, will these competitors’ intensity even allow them to make it that long without exploding?

Also on Raw, Chris Jericho accepted a challenge from Shawn Michaels to an Unsanctioned Match at Unforgiven. Both men went on to make clear their intent to seriously injure their opponent, as their rivalry has grown intensely personal over the last few months. With the injured HBK looking to extract an “eye for an eye,” will the coming weeks see the two men clash before their Unforgiven match?

On Monday night, Raw’s resident golden couple, Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella and Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix, had a brief lovers’ spat, due to Santino distracting Beth during a match against Kelly Kelly and The Glamazon’s subsequent loss. While “Glamarella” appears to have reconciled, could this signal a rocky period for Santino and Beth?

For the answers to these questions and more, make sure to tune into Monday Night Raw at 9/8 CT, back on its regular channel, only on USA Network.

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