“Stone Cold” WWE Hall Of Famer (maybe), Raw 09.01.08 not live, JR on Gail Kim, Paul Heyman on John Cena

stonecold.jpegThe Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has been offered to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame- with a catch. The offer to be inducted is on the table if Steve Austin decides to wrestle once again at Wrestlemania next year in Houston, TX. If The Rattlesnake goes for it, he will be inducted the night before Wrestlemania. Considering Steve Austin’s track record, it would make more sense to induct him the day after he appears on Wrestlemania (but don’t tell him we said that).

Apparently Raw won’t air live on Monday night as they are doing a double taping on Sunday in St. Louis, MO for both Raw on 9/1 and Smackdown on 9/5 due to touring.

‘Lots of talk on the Internet this week about Gail Kim leaving TNA and allegedly coming back to the WWE. I was never quite sure why Gail was released in the first place but if she is coming back to the WWE I think it will be a positive move. Gail has a ton of ability and has evolved nicely as not only an in ring performer but behind the mic as well since leaving the WWE. Some websites really made a huge deal out of this matter which confounds me somewhat.’

– JR, jrsbarbq.com

‘John Cena underwent what was labelled “emergency surgery” on Tuesday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr Joseph Maroon removed a large piece of disc material that was pressing into his spinal column.

‘Later that same day, Cena went to watch the Smackdown and ECW tapings taking place in the same city.

‘And you wonder why World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman Vince McMahon is so solidly behind the billion-dollar WWE machine promoting, marketing, and branding John Cena?’

– Paul Heyman, www.thesun.co.uk

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