WWE 2008 Unforgiven: ECW Championship Scramble

unforgivenscramble.jpgTheodore Long has followed his fellow GMs and announced an ECW Championship Scramble Match. The unique match will pit ECW Champion Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, The Miz, Chavo Guerrero and Finlay against each other at Unforgiven.

Matt Hardy has been described as a veritable force in this match where the only way to win is to refuse defeat. The Miz has shown that he is ready to do whatever it takes to come out on top – including overcoming the incomparable aerial assault of Evan Bourne. Chavo Guerrero is sure to bring everything he has to Unforgiven, including his supreme family legacy. Finlay also qualified for the Scramble Match by settling a personal score with Mike Knox.

Even with his amazing strength, ruthless viciousness, and the effective extra push provided by Atlas, such overwhelming stipulations stack the odds heavy against the World’s Strongest Champion. Will Mark Henry be able to maintain his dominance and survive the onslaught of such dangerous challengers, all of who seem to be custom-made for the mayhem that will undoubtedly accompany the ECW Championship Scramble Match?

What we know is that ECW fans are guarenteed 20 minutes at Unforgiven, unlike what happened at Summerslam.

(source: wwe.com)

The picture’s just too wide to reduce- Mark Henry! You’re mugging the shot!

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