RingDivas News: Cyberstorm 2008 PPD event voting begins this Monday!!!

0631.jpgRingDivas INC. is happy to announce that voting will begin this Monday for the annual fans choose the matches event Cyberstorm 2008!!!

Last year the fans chose to have then Womens World Champion Empress Sayuri go one-on-one against then FightGirl World Champion Amy Love to find out who would be the Undisputed Womens World Champion!!!

Click here to check out matches from Cyberstorm 2007!!!

What will the fans decide this year? Will we see the Womens World Championship and the FightGirl World Championship titles merged again??? You already know the answer because you pick the matches and you pick the participants!!!

Tune in next Monday to be a part of history!!! Vote on Cyberstorm 2008!!!


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