WWE 2008 Unforgiven: General Rules of the Scramble match

unforgivenscramble.jpgWWE is using ‘Scramble Match’ rules for no less than two of their matchups for Unforgiven. WWE is promising great action right down to the wire to decide the WWE Championship title and the World Heavyweight title. So, how exactly does a Scramble match work?

The match has a 20-minute time limit. Two randomly selected participants will start the match, with a new challenger entering the match every five minutes.

If a Superstar scores a pinfall or submission on any other Superstar in the match, he is declared the “interim” champion for match purposes (and is not officially recognized as champion in the title history). He holds that designation until another Superstar scores a subsequent pinfall or submission on any other Superstar.

The last Superstar to earn a pinfall or submission within the time limit will be officially declared the World Heavyweight Champion.

While current champion Punk fended off title challenges by Batista and more recently showed his resilience against JBL, none of those trials can compare to the carnage the fighting champion is certain to face when he sets foot in the ring at Unforgiven.

With so many heated rivalries ricocheting throughout the Quicken Loans Arena, who will get caught in the crossfire? How will alliances form and falter? And just who among the five will emerge victorious when the final bell sounds?

(source: wwe.com)

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