WWE 2008 Unforgiven: World Heavyweight Championship Scramble

world heavyweight championshipRaw General Manager Mike Adamle announced what he dubbed a “Championship Scramble” Match for Unforgiven. In what promises to be a thrilling World Heavyweight Title bout, reigning champion CM Punk and four former World Champions – Kane, JBL, Batista and John Cena – will battle in the ring at the same time for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, John Cena sustained an injury and will be unable to compete in the match. Adamle has announced Mysterio as the replacement for John Cena.

One ring, five men, 20 minutes. It’s all sure to add up to one of the most unpredictable matches in WWE history.

Once the clock starts, it’s every man for himself. If any of the Superstars scores a pinfall or submission on any of their competitors, they become the current champion.

While current champion Punk fended off title challenges by Batista and more recently showed his resilience against JBL, none of those trials can compare to the carnage the fighting champion is certain to face when he sets foot in the ring at Unforgiven.

With so many heated rivalries ricocheting throughout the Quicken Loans Arena, who will get caught in the crossfire? How will alliances form and falter? And just who among the five will emerge victorious when the final bell sounds?

(source: wwe.com)

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