Joey Styles on Stevie Richard’s release from WWE

6390318.jpgA runaway WWE budget and an angry stockholder’s response has resulted in the release of WWE talent, including Stevie Richards. Richards, praised by agents for his ring work, was a poor politician backstage. Dave Meltzer reported that Richards struggled to distance himself from being labeled an ECW wrestler. Richards often rubbed people the wrong way by being ‘overly aggressive’ when offering creative ideas. By the end of his run, it had become obvious he would never climb the ladder within WWE

Stevie’s release affected some more than others, Joey Styles being one who took the news hard.

Joey Styles on Stevie Richard’s release from WWE

August 15, 2008

“World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of ECW Superstar Stevie Richards. WWE wishes him the best in all his future endeavors.”

In my seven and a half years with the Original ECW and 2 and a half here at WWE, I have read these announcements at least one hundred times. I think we all become somewhat callous to these announcements because people being fired from their places of employment are common occurrences and just an everyday part of doing business.

However, Stevie Richards and I have been friends for over fifteen years and I and followed his painful quest to continue his dream of wrestling for a living through a broken neck and subsequent throat surgeries to repair a severed vocal cord as a result of the initial fusion of the vertebrae in his neck. In fact, earlier this year I interviewed Stevie on television about his painful surgeries and love of wrestling which kept him from retiring despite doctors’ reccomendations.

As I finish my blog for this week, I know that if ECW Original, Stevie Richards decides his future endeavors will include continuing to wrestle, then it shall be.

Joey Styles

We’ve heard from our sources that Stevie Richards will be reuniting with The Blue Meanie and Mike “Super Nova” Bucci as the Blue World Order for a signing at the Legends of the Ring convention in New Jersey on October 11. We also have heard talk that Stevie Richards may be headed for TNA.

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