RingDivas News: Suicide gets her match only to be attacked, “The Mountain” Venessa Kraven returns!

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As we’ve previously reported, Suicide has vowed a rematch with Sam Sexton, but her request for a match with Sam Sexton had been denied. In a startling change of events, Jonathon Angel has reversed the committee decision and will allow Suicide to meet Sam Sexton at the upcoming PPD The Last Stand HD!

“Sensational” Sam Saxton was asked how she felt about the reversal and had this to say: “Suicide is nothing! She is a nobody. Who the hell has she beaten anyway? That pin on me-that was a fluke! She got lucky! Have you seen the laundry list of opponents that I’ve beaten?”

Sexton went on the say, “Suicide-honey- you ain’t got a snowballs’ chance in hell at The Last Stand- and you know it!”

What were Suicide’s thoughts on Sam Sexton at PPD The Last Stand HD Event? “So, Sam Sexton wanted to deliver a message to me by knocking me out with the title and giving me a concussion? Well I’ve got a message for you. At The Last Stand, I’m taking your title and I’m taking you out.”

Suicide may have the grudge match she wanted, but someone’s not playing fair! Suicide was later found beaten and unconscious in the staffrooms in back of the studio! The assailant hasn’t been found and the last we heard, Suicide was being taken to the hospital! The PPD’s only a few days away- will this impact Suicide’s matchup with Sam Sexton?

Tina Lockheart’s open challenged didn’t go the way Tina had planned! When Tina came out to make her open challenge, she explained that after beating all the Battle Angels, “a measuring stick is only accurate if tested” and opened the ring to whoever is willing to challenge her to her belt. Newcomer Julina came out to accept the challenge, only to have Tina trick her before the match even began! Just before Tina was about to use her finish on Julina, out comes Venessa Kraven! “The Mountain” has returned to Battle Angels! Craven chased Tina Lockheart out of the ring, leaving her belt behind!

Tina’s belt is in the possession of “The Mountain” Venessa Kraven! What is Tina going to have to do to get her belt back?

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