TNA 2008 Hard Justice: Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim & ODB vs. The Beautiful People & Awesome Kong


The action began the first iMPACT! after Victory Road when Jim Cornette decided a Knockouts Rumble would be the only way to decide who would be first to take on Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde. Unbelievabley, Velvet Sky rolled Gail Kim for the shot at the title! Taylor Wilde embarrassed Velvet Sky the following week, pinning her twice clean and almost a third time until Angelina Love interfered. This has lead to an escalating feud with The Beautiful People. Taylor Wilde and Gail Kim went against The Beautiful People the following week in a tag team match that they won, but the action was just beginning! The Beautiful People have Amazing Kong in their corner and after the tag team match Kong came out and mopped the matt with the two champions until Roxxi and ODB came out for the save.

The following week, Kong destroyed Selinas in a match and The Beautiful People are in Kong’s corner to encourage her to show what’s going to happen to Taylor, Gail and ODB at Hard Justice. Kong doesn’t need the encouragement. Kong is all about squashing Taylor Wilde for embarrassing her and taking her title and good luck to anyone who gets in her way, even Abyss, who might have a thing for Taylor Wilde.

So, this is what’s going down at Hard Justice. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Awesome Kong will be in one corner. Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim and ODB will be in the other. Kong wants to make a buffet of pain out of the Knockouts before her. The Beautiful People, unable to get one over the other Knockouts, want a front row seat when Kong cuts loose. Taylor Wilde is out to show everyone she is the Knockout Champion. Gail Kim wants to make clear the difference between being the Beautiful People and being a Knockout AND she wants to contain the animal that is Kong. OBD is looking for a boob and crotch grabbin’, butt whoopin’ good time and if that means throwing down with Kong, well, bring it on!

We at wrestling confidential have set up a Hard Justice forum at our associate site, and are inviting wrestling fans to come out and comment on what you think of the matchup, who will win and why! Remember to register as a member, as our associates will be giving out wrestling and mma shirts, sweaters and other prizes in the coming months as prizes!

You can view articles on match booking for Hard Justice by clicking here.

See you in the forums!

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