TNA 2008 Hard Justice: Sting resists booking, Nash in iMPACT! video game

hardjustice.jpgThe Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the final decision has not been made on the current Sting angle. Vince Russo wants to turn him heel but unless he can convince Sting to go heel he won’t. If Sting agrees to go heel, there are plans for him to feud with AJ Styles and then Samoa Joe. As far as implications go, all the babyfaces in TNA have already stood up and accused Sting of going heel. If Sting refuses to go along with this storyline, all the faces will look like idiots. If Sting does turn heel, then where’s the shock value? Look guys, another Russo Original!

That’s two major names in the company pushing back on bad booking ideas in a period of three weeks and a confidence vote on Russo in the last month. We have a feeling there will be more on this very, very, soon.

In spite of Vince Russo, the company is doing so well right now that they are starting to pay back Panada Energy for all the money they put into the company.

The Observer is reporting that Nash was originally mad because he had booked a vacation 7/15 figuring that he wasn’t booked for the Victory Road PPV. Then Nash gets a call at the last minute telling him to be at the show! Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are scheduled to appear this Saturday August 9th in Illinois for the Juggalo Gathering. Well, at least Kevin Nash is officially in the iMPACT! Video game (you can check out some pics of virtual Nash at

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