Brock Lesnar returning to WWE?, More on Rick Flair

brock-lesnar.jpgIn an interview with the Pioneer Press, former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar revealed a small possibility that he might go back to professional wrestling. “They would have to pay me big to come back. This (Ultimate Fighting) pays good, and I’m home every night,” said the UFC heavyweight. “Pro wrestling was just brutally grinding on my body. No nights off, a different city every night, a different airplane. And if I got injured, I had to be on TV the next day.”Lesnar’s second match in the UFC will be this coming Saturday against Heath Herring in his hometown of Minneapolis, MN. For more information on Brock Lesnar’s upcoming bout and what’s going on in the world of MMA, check out our associate site, themmanews, with great interviews, videos and original content all about MMA!!!

WWE’s 24/7 video on demand service, WWE 24/7, has announced that September is Ric Flair month. Good thing everyone’s on good terms! A source tells us that the breakup stems from frustration Flair had that he was working so many dates as a WWE Ambassador, which apparently is a grinding schedule for a a non-active wrestler. Flair was apparently also disappointed WWE didn’t push the new DVD more, which Flair believes would have done better if Flair has more time on television. Flair was aparently opposed to working as a commentator or a producer/agent. Sources claim Flair had a three year contract with WWE last year at $500,000 per year.

George South is training Flair’s Son Reid, who is also training Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat’s son, Richard Blood Jr. Flair’s son has been signed to a developemental deal and it’s likely WWE will put Steamboat’s son under a developmental deal at some point.

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