TNA 2008 Hard Justice AJ Styles versus Kurt Angle


Do you remember a time when Kurt Angle and AJ Styles were the best of friends? This feud began when Kurt Angle and his wife had marital problems which Kurt blamed on AJ. Kurt thinks that AJ had an affair with his wife but AJ has denied it. Kurt and his allies have been attacking AJ Styles in the ring every week now for several months. This is the third straight PPV where Kurt and Styles have faced off in a grudge match. The stipulation for this match is to incapacitate your opponent so he can’t stand up by the time the referee counts to 10.

Kurt Angle has been getting pretty banged up lately in the ring. In spite of his injuries, every time Kurt throws down with AJ Styles we get an instant classic, as both athletes are incredible in the six-sided ring.

We at wrestling confidential have set up a Hard Justice forum at our associate’s site and are inviting wrestling fans to come out and comment on what you think of the matchup, who will win and why!

You can view articles on match booking for Hard Justice by clicking here.

See you in the forums! Remember to register as a member, as our associates will be giving out wrestling and mma shirts, sweaters and other prizes in the coming months as prizes!

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