TNA 2008 Hard Justice Christian Cage and Rhino versus Team 3D

hardjustice08.jpgJERSEY STREET FIGHT

TNA has the best heel tag teams. There’s Beer Money Inc. and there’s Brother Devon and Brother Ray from Team 3D. These two lovable brutes would be babyfaces if they weren’t having so much fun being bad. This match came about after Team 3D interfered with the #1 contender’s match that saw Christian Cage and Rhino lose the opportunity to be fighting for the tag team title at Hard Justice. Bad blood has been building between these teams over the last few months as Team 3D gave Rhino a concussion and put Christian Cage through a glass table.

There are plenty of things to enjoy about this feud. Rhino has unreal explosive power. Brother Devon is an unmovable object. Christian has great in-ring skills. Brother Ray knows how to work as part of a tag team, pulling tag team moves you just don’t get to see anywhere else. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself cheering on the heels in this matchup.

We at wrestling confidential have set up a Hard Justice forum at and are inviting wrestling fans to come out and comment on what you think of the matchup, who will win and why! Remember to register as a member, as our associates will be giving out wrestling and mma shirts, sweaters and other prizes in the coming months as prizes!

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See you in the forums!

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