TNA 2008 Hard Justice Petey Williams versus Consequences Creed


Consequences Creed is getting a push from TNA and deservedly so. Creed channels Apollo Creed, Mohamed Ali and James Brown with an unabashed zeal that’s hard not to get caught up in. Recently, Consequences beat Petey in a non-title match on a recent edition of iMPACT. Can he do a repeat when the X- Division Championship belt is on the line?

Petey, having survived Big Poppa Pump’s training to become a champion (in which Pump tried to drown and beat the ‘Canadian’ out of him) has gone on to become the X-division champion. Consequences Creed will have to get the belt from Petey’s cold fingers. Can showmanship overcome Papa Pump’s ‘no crap’ approach to wrestling? Will Petey be facing the ‘consequences’ when he faces Creed?

Either way, you’re watching two rising stars in wrestling face off in what we think will be a great match.

We at wrestling confidential have set up a Hard Justice forum at and are inviting wrestling fans to come out and comment on what you think of the matchup, who will win and why! Remember to register as a member, as our associates will be giving out wrestling and mma shirts, sweaters and other prizes in the coming months as prizes!

You can view articles on match booking for Hard Justice by clicking here.

See you in the forums!

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