John Cena Interview did a recent interview with ‘Superman’ John Cena. John gave straight answers to the questions, revealing an intelligent, decent guy with a good sense of humor. When asked about where his latest movie was in developement, John answered, “There’s a corporate screening next week in Connecticut and we’re going to have a finished cut soon.” Here’s some other highlights from the interview:

IGN: You’ve gotten a mixed reaction from the fans for a long time; a passionate one, but mixed nonetheless. Do you ever just think about what it would be like to just go the Edge route and become just the most hated guy you can?

John Cena: I think about that all the time, but, well, there’s a reason it’s a mixed reaction. It’s not a 100% reaction. If the people genuinely hate you, you can ask for their generosity for a certain period of time, but you gotta say enough is enough. It’s mixed, but the sad part is that it’s an older male demographic telling me to go to hell, and the youth base of our audience and the women, the mothers who are taking their children to events, they’re saying that guy’s a good role model. I see exactly where the pattern of fan reaction is going. It’s much tougher to tell that six year old kid to ‘F’ off when he sees you as a role model. Every time I step through the curtain, I’m conscious of that.

IGN: What’s the funniest sign you’ve ever seen in the crowd relating to you?

John Cena: The classic is the “We’ve seen enough” or my Hindenberg disaster of a marketing campaign, “Ruck Fules”, led to “Cuck Fena”. In so many ways, hundreds of signs claiming that I can’t wrestle. “If Cena wins, we riot” was good. Stuff like that.
IGN: Alright, hypothetical: Five years from now, you’re headlining WrestleMania XXIX at Fenway Park, fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship. Who do you think you’re facing?

John Cena: Ted Dibiase, Jr.

IGN: Really. Why?

John Cena: I’ve had a chance to be in the ring with this young man, and at 25…I think Randy Orton’s the best around that age, but [Dibiase] is younger, bigger, and he moves like he’s Randy Orton 2.0. If you’re asking me to give the endorsement to someone, and that’s what headlining WrestleMania is, Ted Dibiase Jr. is that guy.

You can check out the whole interview by clicking here.

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