In Defense of GM Mike Adamle

mikeadf.jpgOne would think that WWE’s efforts to repackage its product would be appreciated by fans who have been moaning for years about how ‘stale’ the product has become. WWE isn’t wasting time following up their commitments as to how they would reform and grow their product. No one can really say what works and doesn’t work in wrestling until it’s been tried. WWE is trying to grow their fan base by becoming a more family friendly product. So, is Mike Adamle as RAW’s General Manager really a disaster?

Mike Adamle is the most family palatable face we at wrestling confidential have seen since Bob Saget hosted America’s Home Videos. Mike’s not remotely embarrassed to be new to wrestling. He loves to learn on the go and he’s unabashedly unafraid to make mistakes in front of millions of people. Many people feel that Mike hasn’t paid his dues to have any status with WWE. Those people have missed the point: WWE is repackaging the product hoping to attract millions of new fans just like Mike to wrestling.

So, the ‘Freshman’ just got to be quarterback and the players and fans are in an uproar. There is a petition being passed around WWE Fan Nation asking for Mike Adamle to be fired. It’s hard to believe that long time fans of wrestling actually believe that fan heat can get a WWE agent fired. What the petition shows is how insular the wrestling community is. The petition also reveals the greatest barrier to market growth for WWE is the core fan base itself.

Wrestling is ridiculous spectacle. Wrestling also has a reality that fans can only enter by suspending disbelief. Anyone new to wrestling is going to be wowed by the spectacle. Someone who watches wrestling for a long time will find things inside wrestling reality that reaffirms their grip on the real world. Many fans feel that people who don’t watch wrestling think that fans of wrestling are simple. Wrestling fans think that people who don’t watch wrestling are snobs. For many fans, then, wrestling is a private reality that needs to be protected from intruders. How can new fans of wrestling share their enthusiasm? Who can they share their enthusiasm with?

How can WWE grow the fan base when the fans don’t want new marks to crash the party?

‘Fools rush in where angels fear to tred.’ Mike Adamle may be that kind of fool, but that’s not a bad thing. His performance as manager his first week out was calculating, underhanded, deceptive and vindictive. Let’s give the guy a chance.

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