Beth Phoenix Speaks on Rumors of Being Fired by WWE

Beth PhoenixEarlier this week, several rumors were circulating on the ‘net that former WWE Ladies Champion and current OVW standout had been released by WWE. These rumors were completely untrue and unfounded. Beth posted the following message to her friends and fans today on her personal MySpace blog:

My status with WWE….

I’ve gotten swamped with emails in regards to an internet rumour that I was released early this week….it is totally false. I am saddened at the news of the other WWE releases but even more that my name was brought into the mix. I’ve worked my whole life towards becoming a WWE Diva. The beautiful thing about the Divas is that they are strong, beautiful, and individual. I love my job with all my heart and I’m so very proud to have the opportunity to represent the company I’ve been in love with my entire life. Although I don’t have to answer to or respond to the internet rumors that constantly come my way, I do owe the fans that have supported me over the past 7 years of my life. Yes I am still very much employed by WWE and working hard in OVW to one day return to WWE television and live my dream once again. Our business is all about patience and taking the good with the bad. If nothing else, you can be sure when you see Beth Phoenix, you will get 110% from me…everything in my heart.

All my love,


All of us here at WWX would like to thank Beth for keeping her fans updated, and wish her a long and great career with WWE.

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