*Spoiler* WWE Smackdown results for 8/01

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From Hershey

Jeff Hardy vs The Great Khali is the feature match. The Cutting Edge was to feature a mystery guest. They kept teasing the mystery guest throughout the show.
1. M.V.P. defeated Jimmy Wang Yang – Following up his angle from last week, Jeff Hardy was at ringside during the match. M.V.P. hit the Yakuza kick for the win. Jeff Hardy came in after the match and told M.V.P. never to talk about his house, the fire, or his dog again. M.V.P. went after Jeff. Jeff left him laying with a Twist of Fate.

2. Kennedy defeated Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match – Could have been better. Kennedy won with the Mic Check to clearly set up a match at Summerslam.

3. Brian Kendrick, with Ezekiel, defeated Stevie Richards

4. The Great Khali defeated Jeff Hardy – Hardy was mega-over with the crowd. A plodding match with Khali dominating 90% of the match. There was a mega pop for Jeff when he hit the Whisper in the Wind and then followed up with a Swanton Bomb. M.V.P came out to distract Jeff. Khali took advantage wand used the Vice Grip for the win. M.V.P. posed over the fallen Hardy.

5. Maria defeated Victoria – Your typical divas match.

6. Big Show defeated Domino – A total squash. Umaga came out and had a stare down with Show.
The Cutting Edge was next. They had a table, ladder, and chair in the ring as Edge came out for his segment. Edge explained that for the past week he had been searching for inner peace. He said that T.L.C. represented that inner peace and was the key to defeating the Undertaker at One Night Stand. He said that he has not had a moment of peace since Vicki’s announcement last week. He claimed that now he needed help in defeating the Undertaker in the Hell in the Cell at Summerslam. He said that his mystery guest was the one person who understood the Undertaker and Hell in the Cell better than anyone. He then rolled to the outside and pointed at Mick Foley. He said Foley was the man who could help him at Summerslam and called him to the ring. Mick reluctantly climbed into the ring.

Inside, Edge showed Foley a clip of his unforgettable HITC match with Taker a decade ago. Edge told Foley that since the match he was a different person. He told Mick that he was still feeling the effects of the match and was never the same because of it. But now was Foley’s chance to gain revenge against the Taker by helping Edge to defeat him. Foley was tremendous in his response and showed why he is still one of the best promo guys around. Mick said the only person that could help Edge was Edge himself. Foley said that the old ruthless Edge could defeat Taker, not the current white tuxedo Edge. Just watch the promo. It’s amazing. Foley asked if he made himself clear to Edge. Edge said he had and attacked Foley. He speared him into the ringside steps and then set up the ladder and table. Foley got the Mandible Claw on Edge but got a low blow for his trouble. Edge placed Mick on the table. He climbed the ladder with the chair and splashed Foley with it. The show closed with Edge standing over a fallen Foley.

Dark Match – Big Show defeated Edge by count out.

Dave – Edge appeared to hurt his knee on the ladder splash. He was favoring his right knee after the Foley angle and during the dark match. It looked to be nothing serious but might be worth checking on.

(Source: Annette M. Boyer at www.f4online.com)

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