Thoughts On iMPACT 7/24

tna_wrestlingahhw.jpgTNA is doing a great job of building hype for iMPACT! and the ‘Hard Justice’ PPV.

The main event at ‘Hard Justice’ will be a FMM cage match between Samoa Joe and Booker T. The negative on this is that the props are going to take away from actual wrestling and we can already see paying fans getting another overdramatic ‘cliffhanger’ ending to the PPV. The positive side is the amazing job Booker T and Samoa Joe are doing to build up this feud.

Consequences Creed is great talent. Creed’s tribute to Ali and Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies is bolstered by his natural high energy, flexibility and strength. Creed getting time to shine two weeks in a row may mean that TNA feels the same way and is ‘pushing’ Creed.

The tag team strap match and the six-man table match were handicapped by the props being used. TNA should steer away from doing prop matches so often, it diminishes their novelty.

Matching Taylor Wilde against Velvet Sky and the Beautiful People is a good way to get the crowd behind Taylor. TNA has been concerned that they pushed Taylor too fast and by putting an unknown in front of the crowd, have effectively killed the Knockouts momentum. If you didn’t watch the matchup, the storyline was top shelf. Taylor pins Sky in five seconds, then stepped back into the match to pin Sky in twenty five seconds, then steps back into the ring when Angelina Love promises five thousand dollars to Taylor if she can step back into the ring to win a third time. The Beautiful People are great heels and when Velvet Sky took the mic after the first pin to whine that she wasn’t ready for the match and it wasn’t fair, she got great heat from the crowd. The only problem with the matchup is Sky’s skill in the ring. Sky wrestles about as well as Kelly Kelly from WWE. We love everything else about her- especially her entrance- but, if Sky could have stepped up a little more to get Taylor over, this would have been a great success. The Knockout champion needs opponents she can sell her skills with. Still, we enjoyed the match, especially ODB coming out with a turkey leg in her mouth.

Karen Angle’s new segment is basically a TNA Rough Cut with Karen guiding the interview instead of Mike Tenay. We feel the segment is good, as Karen gives the interviews a more personal feel. Kaz being interviewed by Karen after tenuring his resignation convinced us this is an angle. There is logic to this storyline. Kaz is a great wrestler, but, he needs to connect with the audience to get to the next level. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and we think- provided we’re right and this is a Russo fake shoot- that the angle will work. We want to say we prefer the new match title ‘Steel Asylum Match’ to ‘Terrordome’.

The Sting angle is an example of hyping vapor. Is Sting a heel or a face? Teasing us with this after every commercial break is annoying. We might not get the answer until ‘Hard Justice’. We continue to cross our fingers that Sting won’t get between Booker T and Samoa Joe again at ‘Hard Justice’.

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