Friday’s Smackdown, The Ultimate Opportunist is in The Game

smackdown15.jpgWe were half way through a rerun of Melrose Place when we realized we were watching Friday’s Smackdown! We kid, we kid…what we’re getting at is this was a strange episode. Smackdown began with a romantic video showing highlights of Vickie and Edge’s history, the events of last week and announcing their wedding. The video then cuts to Edge and Vickie getting married in front of a minister with ‘Recorded Earlier’ at the bottom of the screen.

Smackdown became the wedding reception, with Edge and Vicky’s wedding party set up right at the stage entry. We knew before the night was done, someone was going to wear the wedding cake and someone was going to crash the party. The show was one long build up. Edge acted as Special Guest Referee for a matchup between Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder defeated Finlay and Hornswoggle, ending with Edge spearing Finlay and one of the twins covering for the win. Edge and Vickie has their first dance, interrupted by big show, who wound up in a three on one against Khali, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin. Vickie threw the bouquet from the ring and when Cherry caught it, Vickie congratulated her, as she would be the Diva to face her in a special match. First, she had to defeat Natalya, who squashed her in thirty seconds. Then Vickie began her match with Cherry, laying down on a prone Cherry for the pin and a win in three seconds! Later that night, the Hardys were ordered to face off against each other for Edge and Vickie’s amusement. The Hardys –surprise- threw the cake in Chevo’s face, covering the whole Fam Damily in the process. The Hardys had their bout, ending when the Fam Damily jumps in the ring and beats down the Hardys, with Edge spearing both brothers. You get how the night was all about Edge and Vickie.

We should mention the heat these two draw from the crowd. Vickie had the crowd on their feet, shouting and shaking their fists at her. She can draw the heat and she can take the heat. Vickie just gives an arrogant shrug and talks over and down on the crowd. We would also like to mention nominating Edge and Vickie for ‘Best Kiss’ at the MTV awards.

You can’t build like that and not have a crowd pleasing finely. The last twenty-yes, twenty- minutes of the show is devoted to setting up what we think will be the best WWE feud in years. Edge and Vickie are back in the ring. Edge starts talking about how your wedding day really is the happiest day in your life, that he loves Vickie so much and that he had the Smackdown team put together a video for her. What runs is the cheesiest clip yet, a montage of clips showing Edge and Vickie kissing, walking in parks and playing on a teeder todder.

“Time to play the game!” rings out and the crowd popped! Triple H walked out with the title belt and a long white box with a red bow on it. Triple H started by saying he can tell by their faces they were not happy to see him. He said despite his history, he was not her to announce that he was secretly married to Vickie. He said he was there to celebrate their love. Triple H said he has a video that showed Edge’s true love for Vickie.

The video Triple H plays is from a hidden camera with Edge meeting with the wedding planner. In the video, Edge makes a move on the wedding planner and then fakes a back spasm and the planner starts massaging him. Back at ringside and HHH interrupts the video again. Edge sent the Fam Damily to get Triple H who shows his second gift, a sledge hammer in the box. Fam Damily stops and Hunter plays more video.

Edge is now massaging the wedding planner and coming on to her some more. Edge’s come on line blew us away. “Is that scent you? It’s like a melody of angels on a dewy morning.” Then Edge starts talking about lingerie, leading into a story about the size of Vickie’s underwear. Triple H cuts in again and said he was upset his third gift was ruined, and then he pulls out a huge pair of panties, throws it down and says he could always park his car under them.

Back to the video and Edge makes his move and kisses the wedding planner. She pulled away quickly, pauses and then falls into Edge’s embrace as the two starts making out. In the ring, Vickie went crazy. Vickie attacked Edge, relentlessly screaming until Edge slipped out of the ring and started walking up the ramp as the show ended.

So, we think this is the beginning of a great feud. The Ultimate Opportunist is now facing The Game. We can understand the need to devote time to creating storylines, since it’s only been three weeks since the draft. It’s obvious that Triple H is messing with Edge because, well, Edge is exactly the kind of prey that Triple H would hunt. We look forward to watching this feud play out.

That being said, we’re hoping that now that the background has been established, we can look forward to more wrestling and less drama!

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