Results from Night One of SHIMMER Tournament, Preview of Night Two

SHIMMER Championship TournamentSHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES returned to the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL on Friday, June 1st for the first of two consecutive nights of tapings. Featured on the card were the first two rounds of the SHIMMER Title Tournament (Volume 11, Night One).

Before the show began, ring announcer JOEY EASTMAN informed the crowd that SERENA DEEB was in an automobile accident on her way to Chicago coming up from Louisville, but that she came out of the accident unharmed, though her car was totaled. Eastman said she was going to try to get another ride to the venue in time to still participate in the tournament.

MALIA HOSAKA def. ALLISON DANGER with the figure four leglock. Hosaka worked over Danger’s leg for the duration of the match, until the pain of the hold forced Danger’s shoulders to be against the canvas for a three count.

REBECCA BAYLESS conducted an in-ring interview with SHIMMER newcomer ALICIA, who didn’t win over many fans with her comments. Alicia stated that she is the top star on the east coast scene, and that she should have been in SHIMMER from the very beginning.

DAIZEE HAZE def. PORTIA PEREZ with the Heart Punch/Mind Trip combination.

“American Angel” SARA DEL REY def. CINDY ROGERS with a cross arm German suplex.

PORTUGUESE PRINCESS ARIEL made her way to the ring for her match against SERENA DEEB, only for senior official BRYCE REMSBURG to rule that since Serena didn’t make it to the building in time, Ariel would receive a bye into the second round. ALICIA immediately made her way to ringside and pointed out that she has defeated Ariel numerous times on the east coast, and if there’s a spot in the tournament now, she deserves it. Ariel ageed to the match, and Remsburg ruled the bout a first round contest. Alicia scored the pinfall following a Michinoku Driver and a handful of tights.

MsCHIF (w/ Daffney) def. LEXIE FYFE with the Desecrator.

“Dark Angel” SARAH STOCK def. CHEERLEADER MELISSA. During the closing moments of the match, Melissa had Stock up for the Kudoh Driver, only for Sarah to use her leverage to get up on Melissa’s shoulders, into a victory roll for the three count.

LACEY def. “The Jezebel” EDEN BLACK with the Implant DDT.

NIKKI ROXX def. RAIN with the Barbie Crusher.

Following intermission, REBECCA BAYLESS interviewed SERENA DEEB in the ring. Serena told the fans that she wasn’t injured in the auto accident, and will wrestle on Saturday’s show. She said that though she missed her opportunity to participate in the tournament, she will be closely watching the tournament, and wants a shot in the future at whomever is crowned the SHIMMER Champion.

DAIZEE HAZE def. MALIA HOSAKA following the Heart Punch.

“American Angel” SARA DEL REY def. ALICIA with the Royal Butterfly into the powerslam.

“Dark Angel” SARAH STOCK def. MsCHIF (w/ Daffney) with a Tiger Driver.

LACEY def. NIKKI ROXX with the Implant DDT.

The final two rounds of the SHIMMER Title Tournament will take place today, Saturday, June 2nd, at the Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) in Berwyn, IL. Bell time is 4pm. Doors open at 3pm. General admission tickets will be available at the door at a cost of $15.

As a result of the second round matches, the first half of Saturday’s show will see…

“Dark Angel” SARAH STOCK vs. “American Angel” SARA DEL REY

LACEY vs. DAIZEE HAZE in a rematch of the Vol. 1 main event

The winners of those two matches will meet in the finals and will be crowned the first SHIMMER Champion!

Several non-tournament matches will also take place during the first half of Saturday’s taping (Volume 11, Night Two). After intermission, we will then film another DVD release (Volume 12).

Be sure to head over to Michael Anthony’s Restaurant & Bar (6434 Ogden Avenue in Berwyn) after the show to party with the wrestlers.

See everyone tonight!

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