Graffight Apparel Blog Is Excellent Read.

graffight83d.jpgFor those of you readers who want an inside track into what it takes to start-up, run, and maintain a MMA clothing company The MMA News recommends you read Gary Ibarra’s postings on Graffight Apparel’s website. It’s a compelling and accurate account of the high’s and lows involved in the business of MMA, and it provides genuine insight into how business is done, both inside and outside the confines of the MMA market. I find myself interested not just for the sake of a good read, but to gain insider information on how these business moves are made. Here’s an excerpt from Graffight Apparel’s media kit:

Graffight Apparel® is a mainstream lifestyle apparel company with a strong base in the Mixed Martial Arts Community. Started in January 2008, Graffight has slowly but surely through determination and hard work surfaced as an up and coming group of graphic artists and apparel designers in the mixed martial arts scene. Our goal is to change the way the public views not just mixed martial arts apparel, but the sport of mixed martial arts as a whole.
Attempting to counteract the public’s idea that Mixed Martial Arts is simply a blood sport full of barbarians eager to pummel each other to the screams of blood thirsty fans, Graffight, with our visually stimulating themes and art based designs, focuses on conveying a different message. We believe that Mixed Martial Arts, in its purest form, is the ultimate test of not just strength of body, but strength of mind. A sport that requires determination, strategy, athleticism, dedication and heart, an arena where the sacrifice of seemingly endless training and pure forged will are rewarded with victory and the knowledge that in a test of character, you are the victor.
Graffight’s mission is to take an active role in correcting the misconcieved idea of MMA, with our emphasis on artistic freedom, integrity, and the true essence of Mixed Martial Arts.
Thank you for taking time to become familiar with us here at Graffight and we thank you for your support.

If you are in the audience at UFC 86, you may see the Graffight crew doing some promotional work. Mention you saw this at The MMA News and they’ll toss you a free shirt!! Now that’s a deal.

(Editor’s Note: In dealing with Gary Ibarra via email correspondence I have found him to be personable, expressive, professional and extremely accessible. These are four traits that bode well for Graffight Apparel.)

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