Bret Hart incident

bret-hart8383.jpgKevin Eck at the Baltimore Sun posted it best: “Bret Hart proved once again that the biggest Bret Hart mark is Bret Hart.”

Kevin Eck was refering to an incident reported by the Wrestling Observer, in which Bret Hart, in the middle of an acceptance speech on behalf of his father Stue, walked out of the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame dinner after he went off on wrestling journalist Greg Oliver.

According to the Wrestling Observer, ‘Bret Hart was giving a speech, accepting the Hall of Fame honor for father Stu. During the speech, Hart noted Greg Oliver of SlamWrestling, who was there to be given the Jim Melby Memorial Award for wrestling journalism along with writing partner Steve Johnson. Hart went off on Oliver in his speech, and started talking about the sacrifices the wrestlers have made and loved ones lost in the business and said that one of us doesn’t deserve to be here and said either he goes or I go. Several of the older wrestlers in attendance gave Hart a standing ovation. Oliver didn’t leave, although the report we got was that Johnson did leave to try and diffuse a bad situation.

‘Hart eventually left when Oliver didn’t, and many of the wrestlers left with him and it created an ugly vibe. Hart hasn’t liked Oliver dating back to Oliver’s book, “Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Canadians,” which listed him No. 14 in the list of greatest Canadian wrestlers ever. The book did acknowledge him as the best known of all the Canadian wrestlers but said “Hart can hardly claim to be the best ever.”‘

‘Kevin Eck writes, ‘Unfortunately, this latest incident is consistent with Hart’s reputation among his peers for taking himself too seriously. When Hart and Shawn Michaels were shooting on each other on Raw during the height of their feud, Michaels called Bret “Mark Man,” and basically said that Hart really believes he is the greatest of all time and doesn’t quite comprehend that winners and losers are predetermined, and who is and isn’t pushed to the top is often decided by politics as much as wrestling ability.’

‘The fact is that Hart’s wrestling skills are indisputable. When I listed the top 10 all-around performers that I have ever personally seen, Hart was No. 7 (I guess that puts me on his “bad list,” too, since he wasn’t No. 1 and archrival Michaels was). Anyone who knows anything about this business knows that Hart has had an outstanding career, so he should be above such nonsense and not be so insecure. Hart’s actions were inappropriate and petty, especially on a night when he was there to accept an honor for his father.’

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