*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results (7/03)

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The following was taped from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida on June 25. Some of these matches may have been taped for a following date. Shantell’s had a match with Rasheed (Cheerleader Melissa) the night before, on June 24, in which she defeated Rasheed for a shot at Kong. Logically, Shantell’s match with Rasheed should be featured first on Impact. We’ll see how the tapes roll next Thursday.


1) LAX & Eric Young b. Kip James, Petey Williams, & Johnny Devine

TNA Impact Taping Results – Airing on 7/03
Orlando, Florida

2) The Motor City Machineguns b. Robert Roode & James Storm

3) Moose b. Roxxi

4) Rey Bucanero (Team Mexico) b. Alex Kozlov (Team International)

5) Milano Collection AT (Team Japan) b. Curry Man (Team TNA)

– They taped a segment with Kurt Angle complaining about the blind dates that Team 3D set him up on. They bring out a girl named Sandy but Kurt is convinced all women are pieces of sh*t. The Beautiful People come out and attack her. Karen Angle comes out to make the save and A.J. Styles, Rhino, amongst others come out to help.

6)Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash b. James Storm & Robert Roode. After the match they played Sting’s music and flickered the lights. They continue to tease a Joe/Nash breakup.

7) Doug Williams (Team International) b. Masato Yoshino (Team Japan)

8) Shantelle Taylor b. Awesome Kong to win the $25,000 Challenge and win the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship.

9) Kaz (Team TNA) b. Ultimo Guerrero (Team Mexico)

– Booker T says that Kevin Nash is right and that he can’t beat Samoa Joe after Joe comes out. Joe says he will retain in Houston in front of all his friends and family and Victory Road. Sting’s music plays and comes out and says he will be at Victory Road and he’ll see who wins.

10) A.J. Styles, Gail Kim, & ODB b. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, & Kurt Angle. Frank Trigg hit the ring and attacked Styles and Kim got the “brown bag” treatment.

(source: Richard Grey at wrestlingnewsworld.com)

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