Austin imposter at Walmart, Ultimate Warrior retires victorious, Kurt injured again.

– There’s a lot of buss about a ‘fake’ Steve Austin who showed up to do a signing at a Walmart Greensburg, Indianna. WWE and police are said to be investigating the incident, in which the imposter was charging $10 a photo. Insiders have reported that the man posing as Steve Austin works around Indiana, claims to have been Stone Cold’s Movie stunt double, sells Steve Austin figures as himself and charges 500 dollars to appear at a show. Max Sleed claims the man has been advertised to appear for Eric Draven and SCW. We’ll be following up on how that appearance works out.

– After beating Orlando Jordan and winning the NWE title, Ultimate Warrior apparently vacated the belt and is telling people he is done for now. Rumours ot TNA having interest in Ultimate warrior are not true.


– Dave Meltzer reports Kurt Angle is injured again. Angle apparantly blew out his knee on the Monday tapings and had to war a huge brace in order to work his scheduled matches for that night and Tuesday.

– WWE official Lisa Richards has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Affiliate Marketing at WWE. Lisa will be focussing on marketing and promotion of WWE’s pay-per-views, WerstleMania and WWE 24/7.

– posted a interview with Hulk Hogan. In the article, Hulk says that he unconditionally still loves his wife, in spite of an increasingly negative divorce. Hulk says that his relationship with his daughter, Brook has also improved.

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