Vince McMahon, Million Dollar Mania, Creative and Michael Hayes

mcmahon_vince_small.jpgInterviews with the first winners of McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania giveaway revealed that RAW called them before the show to let them know they have been selected and to tune in to the show and wait for the call. The segments were largely considered boring to watch on television and Vince himself has been reported as disappointed by his performance.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon did some interviews this morning appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and the Today Show. Vince also appeared with Triple H, John Cena and Maria at the Noon press conference in Times Square at the Hard Rock Cafe to promote the McMahon Million Dollar Mania giveaway.

While Vince McMahon has been busy pushing the giveaway, WWE’s Creative Team has been getting pretty frustrated from Vince’s lack of input. The draft is coming up and the writers still haven’t figured out who’s going where. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Creative was given no advance notice and no explanation for the Undertaker’s take of leave until the added stipulation the week before One Night Stand PPV. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter also reported on a meeting last week between WWE’s creative team and road agents. It’s believed that that the road agents are angry on how much time is put into skits on RAW that doesn’t build the storylines, and not enough time is devoted to the matches. What this creates to us is the impression that there’s a missing link in Vince’s chain of command over in Creative. We at wrestlingconfidential suspect that missing link is Michael Hayes.

Michael Hayes has been serving a 60-day suspension related to using racial slurs and is supposed to return full-time to WWE at the 6/23 Draft episode of Raw from San Antonio, Texas. reported that Michael is already back to work. Hayes spoke to WWE developmental wrestlers on Monday and then attended the Florida Championship Wrestling house show on Tuesday night.

It looks like WWE and Vince McMahon, having given Michael Hayes a lesson, is happy to see Hayes back on the job. Something else we see the difference Michael Hayes made as head creative writer.

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