WWE RAW Results (6/2/08)

ring161.jpgThe opening video aired and fireworks lit up the stage. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show.

Triple H’s music hit and he came to the ring. They showed the sick bump of Orton breaking his clavicle last night; both announcers made reference that Orton is indeed hurt. Triple H finally spoke five minutes into the show. He proclaimed The Age of Orton broken, done, finished, and over, as if it never existed. H said Orton was watching from a hospital bed. He said he was hurt too but it was easier because he was still WWE Champion. H said Orton is out of the way and whomever…John Cena’s music hit and he quickly made his way to the ring.

Cena knows Triple H is thinking about the future. He named off some psychics and Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future. Nice. Cena said the future is now. He said with the draft looming, he had one question for Triple H: Are you ready? Cena spewed off every single major sporting event and compared them to a Triple H vs. John Cena encounter. Triple H told Cena, “a very big star in this industry once told me, if you want some, come get some.” Suddenly, Jeff Hardy’s music hit and he joined the mix. Hardy said all three of them won last night and both he and Cena are in line for a title shot. H said he did not care who he beat next and to beg Vince McMahon.

Hardy said two things are true about Vince McMahon. He loves to give the people want they want while making the money gesture and he loves “first time evers.” Hardy said it should be him vs. Cena to be the #1 contender. McMahon came on screen and took credit for all of Hardy’s ideas. He made Cena vs. Hardy for tonight and the winner would face Triple H for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions.

King plugged an intercontinental championship match for tonight with champion Chris Jericho defending against JBL.


A commercial for the WWE Draft aired.

1. Mr. Kennedy defeated Umaga by countout in 2:06. Paul Burchill was supposed to be his opponent, but Burchill said he needed to help prepare Katie Lea for her first match tonight, so he brought out Umaga as his replacement. Umaga hit a sick Samoan Drop at about 1:00. With Kennedy laid across the announce table, Umaga tried to headbutt him from the apron, but missed. Umaga was counted out. Paul Burchill attacked Kennedy from behind and left him laying.
Some guy brought out a glass case with presumably one million dollars in cash. Some of the wrestlers looked in awe as he walked by.


Vince McMahon’s music hit and he came out to the stage. He was wearing a purple suit jacket. He welcomed us to McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania. He then welcomed the actual million dollars. King joked that the money had its own entrance music. It sounded like a remix of Shane McMahon’s song. Vince transferred the money from one clear case to another. He pointed out his armed security. He said by next week he will have given away all of the money. Vince said to register online. He said the winner would have to be a U.S. resident, which may be a problem for some people in Bakersfield. Vince answered the question of why? He said he wanted more people to watch. He wanted to invite old fans back. He wanted to invite those who have never watched. He said some people would not be caught dead watching Raw. He called them elitist snobs. He said they do not understand wrestling fans. He said wrestling fans represented Americana and they do not understand. He said they were in their own club, no not that one, but they were not invited into the WWE club. He wished everyone luck.
They plugged Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena. A highlight video of One Night Stand played.


2. Santino Marella and Carlito defeated Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes in a non-title match in
2:16. They plugged Santino vs. Cousin Sal for Smackdown. Cody and Hardcore drooled over the money as they walked by. Cody grabbed the mic and said there was a special “time keemer,” Rowdy Roddy Piper. Rhodes springboarded from the mat to the top rope into a cross body for a two count. Santino tried the salute splash but missed. Holly came in and continued the assault on Santino. Piper distracted Santino and the referee. Carlito came in and kicked Holly, allowing Santino to roll him into a sunset flip pin for the win.

They plugged the two big single’s matches for tonight.


Back from commercial, Carlito congratulated Santino. Todd Grisham interviewed Santino and he made a bunch of incorrect assumptions of Jimmy Kimmel’s show, using bits from Letterman, Leno, and Conan O’Brien.

Hardcore Holly approached Cody Rhodes and was pissed that he was not informed of Piper going to be at ringside. Ted Dibiase Jr. approached Rhodes and said he would pick a partner in three weeks. He said after he and his partner win the titles, the look on Rhodes’ face would be like him, priceless.

Chris Jericho was interviewed. He said he respected Shawn Michaels and tried to encourage him. He said he has not been defending the IC title as much as he has wanted but that will change. JR sent the show to commercial, but Jericho then dedicated his match tonight to Michaels, throwing off the director.


Back from commercial, they showed highlights of last week’s match between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels…

3. Chris Jericho defeated JBL in an Intercontinental Championship Match by disqualification in 6:33. Jericho used an armdrag to hold onto the arm and begin working on it. JBL hit a reverse neckbreaker at 1:10, followed by three elbows. JBL locked in a full nelson. Jericho broke the hold but went down following a shoulderblock. Jericho hit a tornado DDT sitting from the top rope. Jericho tried to lock in the Walls of Jericho, but JBL powered out easily. JBL hit a fallaway slam. He missed the Closeline from Hell. Jericho dropkicked him to the floor. On the outside, JBL kicked Jericho down and grabbed a chair. The referee tried to stop him but JBL pushed him. JBL was disqualified. Jericho kicked the chair into JBL’s throat. He picked up the chair and was going to hit him with it. In a moment of déjà vu from last week, JBL looked up at Jericho non verbally asking for mercy. Jericho threw down the chair and walked away. This time, he was booed for it.


Back from commercial, they showed the cash one more time.

4. Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea defeated Mickie James and Melina in 3:36. Katie Lea tried to do a unique pose, but it looked awkward. Melina sold her match from last night as she came down to the ring. Knowing their real life history, it is weird to see Mickie and Melina teaming. Katie worked on Mickie early. Mickie tried to tag Melina, but she just sat there in a catatonic state. Once Beth came in, Melina screamed for a tag. Beth retreated to the outside but took control with a closeline. Mickie received the hot tag and dropkicked Beth from the apron (even though she missed). Mickie went for the Tornado DDT but Beth hit her from behind. Katie covered Mickie for the win.

Paul Burchill came out to congratulate his sister, but Kennedy attacked him from behind and gained a bit of revenge.


5. Lance Cade defeated Trevor Murdoch in 2:19. Cryme Tyme came out and spent the most time around the money and security personnel. King is trying to enter the contest but no one mentioned that Vince specifically said it was closed to employees. Cade hit a sick knee into Murdoch’s head as it was up against the ring post. Murdoch hit a nice knee lift and big boot combination. Murdoch went to the top but Cade punched him on the way down. He hit a rock bottom/sit down powerbomb combination for the win.

Jeff Hardy warmed up for the match backstage. They aired a plug for The Rock DVD set.


They showed highlights of The Undertaker vs. Edge at One Night Stand.

JR and King sold Undertaker’s “banishment” as if it were real. JR said he was ineligible for the draft in three weeks.

Backstage, Mickie was icing her neck. John Cena came in and the two flirted. Cena said Mickie left something last night and handed her one of her thongs. Mickie was embarrassed and ran off. Cena took a drink.

Triple H pulled up a chair to his TV backstage in preparation for the main event.


JR finally told King he was ineligible to enter the contest. King said he quit and was entering.

6. John Cena defeated Jeff Hardy in 13:42. King said either man winning would be great. Cena and Hardy shook hands quickly. Some jackass jumped in the ring. King actually acknowledged it. Cena broke his collar and elbow tie up and laughed at the guy. Hardy laughed too and the crowd legitimately popped. Cena showed a nice display of speed and agility with two leapfrogs followed by a series of moves. Hardy hit two armdrags and a snap suplex for a two count. Cena tried to apply the STFU, but Hardy kicked him to the outside. He hit a dropkick and a high cross body over the top as the show went to commercial.


Hardy covered Cena for a nearfall as the show came back from commercial. Cena hit a fisherman’s suplex for a nearfall of his own. Hardy hit a closeline and was frustrated when he did not get the pin. Cena hit a blockbuster for another nearfall. Hardy hit a front released suplex. He went to the top and missed a swanton. Cena hit all of his comeback moves. He responded to the boos by staring down the crowd. He went for the FU but Hardy fought out with closelines and a reverse mule kick. Hardy hit the Whisper in the Wind for a very nearfall. Cena countered a Twist of Fate attempt into a FU. Hardy fought out. He went to the top rope and hit a high cross body but Cena rolled through. In one motion, Cena lifted Hardy up and hit the FU for the victory.

Triple H’s music hit and he came out to the stage. Cena walked up the ramp and met him. They stood face to face as Triple H held up the belt.

(source: www.fullmetalwrestling.com)

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