‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster’ Opens Today

biggerstrongerfaster.jpgThe steroid documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” is opening today in select theatres. Comingsoon.net features an interview with “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” director Chris Bell. The film focuses on the steroid culture of the United States.

Bell worked for WWE as a creative team member and his brother Mike was a journeyman wrestler who worked for WWF and ECW.

Bell is asked during the interview if he attempted to get WWE performers to take part in the film.

“Yeah, absolutely. I used to work for a short time at the WWE as a writer, so I’m pretty friendly with Shane McMahon, and Vince McMahon knows who I am. I have a lot of friends like John Cena wrestles for the WWE and he’s a really good friend of our family’s. I tried to talk to all those guys, and any of those guys, it’s like John would talk to me about those issues, and a lot of those guys would talk to me, but they’re not allowed to without the permission of the WWE. So rather than asking the guys individually, because they’re all my friends and I know they would talk to me, but the WWE does not actually allow them to talk about performance enhancement drugs to the media. It’s actually bizarre because when this whole Chris Benoit thing happened, they then let them talk to the media. But when we asked after that, they still said “No” because I think they know they have no choice about making a statement on CNN and these shows, but I didn’t think they wanted to get involved with a film. They really know that I know too much. I used to be in the locker room with them. I think that Vince is great and I think a lot of the stuff they’ve been doing in trying to police it within his business is good, and I hope that it’s not for the mere fact that the media and the congress is coming down on them. There are some issues with his wellness policy that he’s instituted, and that is actually what I wanted to talk to him about. I didn’t want to ask if he was on steroids or point the finger at WWE, I wanted to say, “Well you guys instituted a wellness policy but there’s all these flaws in it. Let’s discuss those.” I think that’s the same policy—it’s not just Vince McMahon, it’s everybody. It’s Major League Baseball and all these others, they have these policies, but these policies have flaws. Somebody comes around pointing out those flaws, Congress doesn’t know any better. Congress doesn’t know enough about steroids. They don’t have a steroid expert in Congress to be able to say, “This actually makes no sense.”
The official website for the film can be found at www.biggerstrongerfastermovie.com.

(source: John Johnson at www.pwtorch.com)

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