Triple H moving to Smackdown?, Jim Ross posts, Kevin Nash Auction fake,

triplehasdfljasdf.jpg– Triple H’s name has been mentioned as a possible move to Smackdown during the WWE draft on 6/23. A source tells us that several wrestlers have had it with Triple H and would applaud the move. Apparently, the atmosphere around Vince McMahon’s son-in-law is tense. It has been suggested that if Triple H moves to Smackdown, Undertaker may be moved to Raw.

– Jim Ross updated his blog and spoke about WWE’s $1 million giveaway. “The $1M promotion that the WWE is going to start soon on Monday Night Raw is garnering a healthy amount of reaction from fans and Internet types. It appears to be similar to many ratings promotions that are done by TV networks, especially in May and November, and also by radio stations, to enhance viewership. Many critics are blasting the on air promotion before it even starts or before the details are known, but that isn’t unusual these days.”

-J.R. posted that the 6/23 draft in San Antionio, TX will be a three-hour Raw.

– The eBay auction that ended this past weekend where you would travel to meet Kevin Nash and spend time with him was a fake. There were no bidders for the auction which started at a $2,300 minimum bid.

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