*SPOILERS* – WWE Smackdown Results For May 30

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by Antonio Lopez,

Hi, my name is Antonio Lopez from the great city of Colorado Springs. Smackdown and ECW rolled into town and I got the privilege of seeing it, it was my first TV taping and was excited for ever. They started things off with an ECW Dark match, which saw Jesse and Festus defeat two local jobbers.

ECW aired, wasn’t too shabby.

We have Foley and Coleslaw come out to Foley’s music.

Smackdown starts off with Batista coming out, huge pop for the Animal, after embracing the crowd he talks about his match with HBK. He is interrupted by Hawkins, Ryder and Vickie Guerrero who exchange words with Batista. The whole altercation leads to a match between Hawkins and Ryder vs Batista and a partner who wants to volunteer. Awesome match up later…

First match we get is Chuck Palumbo vs Finlay. Chuck is more focused on Hornswoggle as he comes out from under the ring. Finlay gets various advantages. The match ends with Chuck getting disqualified for using a chain to punch Finlay.

Second match we saw Morrison vs Punk, Miz came out with Morrison, only to be ejected. Pretty decent match, finish was the best part though. Punk gets one of the biggest pops of the night.

We get MVP being interviewed, MAJOR heat in the Springs for MVP. So much so when Jamie Noble comes on screen we can barely hear the conversation. WE DO get to hear they’re match set up.

Batista is out, by himself. The Edgeheads are out next, Vickie stops the flow of things and asks where Batista’s partner is, Batista says he doesn’t need a partner. Big Pop for that, so much so all I hear is Vickie saying something, that brings out the Big Show, Big Show wheels Vickie behind the curtain and comes down the the ring. Looks like we have a tag match, Batista and Big Show get the win after simultaneous Choke Slam and Batista Bomb. Good match

Shannon comes out during break, camera get up on apron, HEY my “GR” sign made it on TV. Kozlov is his opponent, usual squash match with Kozlov getting the win.

Next, MVP vs Jamie, In a somewhat Short match MVP puts Jamie away.

Maryse and Michelle is up, Cherry comes out to provide distraction causing Michelle to win.

Cutting Edge segment is up, Edge talks about Taker’s legacy, bringing up that it’s over at ONS and Edge’s begins. He shows and Indiana Jones-esque movie trailer of himself, apparently its Rated R, who knew. This brings out Taker, who Edge talks about. he tries to make Taker more comfortable by bringing La Familia out with a casket. All four men jump take and EVENTUALLY put him in the casket. I have no idea if it was the end of the show, Taker pops out of the casket and continues to Brawl, Kane comes out to help his brother and they clean house, probably to send folks home happy.

All in all it was a good show, Sign Guy was there, real friendly, let me get a picture with him since we were sitting so close near each other. Lots of good pops and heat. I don’t know how the actual show will be set up but this is how it happened. Great show for my first taping.

(source: www.24wrestling.com)

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