Orlando Jordan talks about his match with Ultimate Warrior, Ted DiBiase Jr moving up, Nick Hogan not fighting criminal charges, Start your lucha libra career

orlando-jordan.jpgApparently, Orlando Jordan thinks the Ultimate Warrior is just jealous of his playboy lifestyle!
Nu-Wrestling Evolution Champion Orlando Jordan spoke about his huge match against the Ultimate Warrior on June 25th in Barcelona, Spain, recently, on his audio show “Club OJ” on ClubWWI.com. Orlando claims he accepted the challenge of the Warrior in order to prove his place in history. OJ goes on to say he respects the Ultimate One’s history and that ‘his time is done’.
Quotes from show:
(on Ultimate warrior’s jealousy of him) “Of course. What married man doesn’t walk by, walking through the airport and stuff, walking through a park and stuff, and see the hottest girls and think to themselves, “Damn. If I wasn’t married.” So sure. Why not? I keep some of the hottest ladies and the hottest people around the world around me. My company and stuff. Everything I do, I do it big time. So, it’s why not? I think he might just be a little jealous of Orlando Jordan.”
“Definitely. Little Warriors and stuff? That’s great but I got a franchise Club all around the world, man. Club OJ. June 25th, after it’s all said and done, we’re gonna have the after party and I said, in my area and section and stuff, drinks are on me.”

You can go to ClubWWI.com for the show.

Sources say Ted DiBiase Jr is scheduled to be brought up to the Smackdown roster soon. DiBiase Jr. is currently training in Tampa with Florida Championship Wrestling and he will be fighting in the Smackdown dark match May 9 against Jamie Noble.

Nick Hogan will not fight the criminal charges he faces in a crash that critically injured a friend. Rumour is he will either plead guilty or no contest in court Friday. No deal has been struck with prosecutors and by entering an “open plea,” the judge has complete leeway in his sentencing. Hogan could get up to five years in prison.

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