Ultimate Warrior wants to square off with McMahon, X-division champion injured, Umaga turning babyface?

warrior38sd1.jpgThe Ultimate Warrior, making the media rounds this week, was a guest on the BJ Shea Morning Experience radio show on 99.9 KISW in Seattle. Often outragious and fun to quote, the Ultimate Warrior spoke on what he would like to see at next year’s WrestleMania:

“You know what man, next year is Wrestlemania XXV. You know when it’s your 25th wedding anniversary, you gotta do something that is significant. You gotta do something that stands out from all the other anniversaries. McMahon vs. Warrior–Wrestlemania XXV…that would be awesome! Instead of our weird attitudes towards one another, let’s let it out!”

And finally for Ultimate Warrior fans, apparently La Sexta, a Spanish TV station, has an agreement with the Nu-Wrestling Evolution to air shows taped on their upcoming tour, including the much anticipated return of the Ultimate Warrior, which will take place on June 25th.

The report from Pro Wrestling Insider is that TNA X-division champion Petey Williams has suffered a broken orbital bone at last night’s Impact taping in Orlando, FL. Williams is expected to need surgery.

There’s a rumour that the fan’s response to Umaga in many cities during WWE’s recent tour of Europ was so positive, that Umaga may turn babyface. The rumour may explain why WWE put him a spot last week on Raw attacking “Barack Obama” and “Hillary Clinton.”

SPOILERS* – TNA iMPACT Results For May 1st

ring161.jpgHere’s the Impact Spoiler for May 1st, just hit read more Read more »

New Japan Results from Osaka (New IWGP Champion)

keiji-mutoadfafa.jpgKeiji Muto is the New IWGP Champion, winning his match against Shinsuke Nakamura in front of a sold out crowd of 6000! Here’s the New Japan Results from Osaka (reprinted from Strong Style Spirit):

1. Jado, Gedo & Karl Anderson beat Yujiro, Mitsuhide Hirasawa & Kazuchika Okada (5:30) when Anderson used the Gun Stun on Okada.
2. Milano Collection AT & Minoru beat Shiro Koshinaka & AKIRA (6:14) when Milano used the Victoria Milanese on AKIRA.
3. Hirooki Goto & Giant Bernard beat Tomohiro Ishii & Tomoaki Honma (8:33) when Bernard used the Bernard Driver on Honma.
4. New Japan vs. ZERO1-MAX: Masato Tanaka & Shinjiro Otani beat Koji Kanemoto & Ryusuke Taguchi (12:56) when Tanaka used the Sliding D on Taguchi.
5. Riki Choshu, Masahiro Chono & Jushin Thunder Liger beat Manabu Nakanishi, Tiger Mask & Tetsuya Naito (8:52) when Chono used a Shining Yakuza kick on Naito.
6. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Wataru Inoue (c) beat Christopher Daniels (19:28) with the Oracion Flame (3rd defense).
7. IWGP Tag Team Title: Togi Makabe & Toru Yano (c) beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Takashi Iizuka (15:14) when Makabe used a top rope King Kong kneedrop on Tenzan (1st defense).
8. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Keiji Muto beat Shinsuke Nakamura (c) (22:34) with a moonsault press to become the 49th champion.

Michael Hayes/Mark Henry racial incident, Mike Foley ‘behind the Mike’

michael-hayeshfgh.jpgThe UK’s Sun printed an article today on the Michael Hayes/Mark Henry racial incident that lead to the WWE creative member being served with a 60-day suspension. The sun reports that Hayes started off the night getting drunk and singing a few songs on stage.

An eyewitness said, “Hayes was up on stage, drunk, singing badly and swaying all over the place. It’s the same thing he did at Stephanie McMahon’s wedding to Triple H. Only this night didn’t turn out so well for him.” Later that night, the same witness claims Hayes said Mark Henry’s (390lb former SmackDown wrestler and former Strongman winner) lack of success on WWE TV was due to him “not being black enough.” Hayes goes on to say, “I’ve got soul, brother. I’m more of a n***** than you are!” This leads into a brief physical altercation, quickly broken up by other wrestlers who were nearby. Henry decided to talk to WWE management about the situation and Hayes was promptly suspended.

The article goes on to suggest that it is believed racial slurs are common in the WWE.

Mick Foley debuted on color commentary for SmackDown tonight at Backlash. At the pay-per-view event, Mick Foley called the World Heavyweight Championship Match between titleholder Undertaker and Edge, with Michael Cole.

WWE Champion Randy Orton article online

randyortondhdg.jpgThe Baltimore Sun ran an article by Kevin Eck, on Randy Orton.

In the article, Randy Orton admits that the arrogant jerk he portrays on WWE television shows isn’t much of a stretch for him. “I’d say there’s a lot of me in that character,” says Orton. “I’ve always kind of been to myself. I wouldn’t say I’m a complete [jerk] in real life, but on the show I just turn the volume up.” It seems Randy savors being a wrestling “heel” and not only expects the sold-out crowd to shower him with jeers and vulgarities, he welcomes it.

Orton goes on to talk about his reputation for immaturity and attitude problems off camera and admits his reputation is well deserved. Orton, 28, got married in September and claims he has settled down over the last year. He and his wife, Samantha, are expecting the couple’s first child, a daughter, in July. “It’s definitely changed me,” he says of starting a family. “I have a wonderful wife that wouldn’t hurt a fly, and I think a lot of that has rubbed off on me. I can’t wait to be a dad, and the fact that I’m going to have a little girl – I jumped through the roof when we were at the doctor’s office and he said that we were going to have a daughter.”

Orton says, when talking about his rocky past, “I definitely had a big head, and I’ll be the first to admit that I made some bad decisions. But back when I was making those decisions, in my head I was doing no wrong. I was forced, more or less, to go to anger management. I was either going to make myself and everyone around me miserable, or I was going to realize that there’s more than one person on this Earth. It definitely has made me a better person.”

Injuries to several of WWE’s top performers gave Orton another opportunity to be the main man. Orton says he realized he was running out of chances and he hasn’t give WWE any reason to regret its decision.

“I think I let a few people down when I was having my problems,” he says. “I heard, ‘Randy, pull your head out of your [butt]’ a few times from Vince [McMahon, WWE chairman]. I think I finally have, and I think that’s why I’m successful right now. I’m where I’m at because I’m happy.”

Despite his newfound maturity and happiness, Orton says he still has no problem channeling his inner jerk when performing, which he plans to do tonight.

“Getting under the fans’ skin and [ticking] them off is what I do best,” he says. “If I can get them throwing things at me, then I know I’ve got them.”

-quotes from Baltimore Sun

MVP predicts Brock Lesnar will do well

mvpMVP, also known as Alvin Burke Jr., was quoted in an interview with the Winnepeg Sun. “Pro wrestlers are some of the toughest athletes on the planet. With the right training, a lot of guys could do well in MMA. Brock is going to be a force.”

TNA Official Impact preview:

tna20921.bmpHere’s the official TNA Impact preview for next week.

The below is a preview of what has been announced for the broadcast:

– The Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament will continue this Thursday night, with the following bouts scheduled:

The Latin American Xchange vs. Kaz and Eric Young
AJ Styles and Tomko vs. The Rock N’ Rave Infection

At the end of the broadcast, TNA Management Director Jim Cornette will also announce the Elite Eight that will go into the tournament!

The finals of the tournament take place at Sacrifice with the winners crowned new TNA World Tag Team Champions!

– In addition, Cornette has announced that he will unveil TNA’s newest innovative concept match this Thursday night! After the Six Sides of Steel, Ultimate X and Elevation X, what new structure will Cornette reveal to the world? Find out this Thursday night on SpikeTV!

– Plus, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner are all scheduled to appear on the broadcast. What hell will break loose between the three superstars before the World Title main event match at Sacrifice? Tune in Thursday on SpikeTV!

All this and much more this Thursday night on “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV starting at 9pm!

Kurt Angle Hosting Show, Shark Boy Series, Backlash Ticket News, BackLash Final Card

angle23s8d.jpgTNA Superstar Kurt Angle has been claiming that he will be hosting a show for Spike TV, a claim he made on Bubba the Love Sponge’s sattelite radio show. While he talked about a show, he didn’t provide very many details. In unrelated news, Angle spoke about his possible upcoming grappling match with Randy Couture, and how it might not happen. Angle was good about putting over Samoa Joe as a “phenomenal worker.”

Shark Boy the Series has issued a casting call for the live action children’s series. May 3rd is the date, in New York, and there looking for contortionists, clowns, fire breathers, a strong man, a bearded lady, jugglers, snake charmers, etc.as well as martial artists, pro wrestlers, and stunt performers.

Backlash payperview is upcoming, and while its sold out, its being said that a small number of tickets are available on the day of the show.

Here is the final card for WWE Backlash payperview, Sunday 1st.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Undertaker (c) vs. Edge

WWE Championship Fatal Four Way Match
John Cena vs. JBL vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Big Show vs. The Great Khali

ECW Championship Match
Kane (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero

Batista vs. Shawn Michaels

MVP vs. Matt Hardy

12-Diva Tag Team Match
Mickie James, Maria, Ashley Massaro, Michelle McCool, Cherry, and Kelly Kelly vs. WWE Women’s champion Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian, Layla El, Victoria, and Natalya Neidhart

Neidhart Update, Brooke Hogan Denied, Khali Planning Break, Ric Flair News

flair833k.jpgNatalya Neidhart(Nattie) has been officially added onto the Smackdown roster page at the WWE’s website. Check it out.

Brooke Hogan has been filming her reality show, but she has been denied admission to three state universities this week, and is currently touring Florida Atlantic University’s campus Tuesday.

The Great Khali has announced that he will return to India by the end of April, as he is planning to take a break from the WWE and open a wrestling school for children in the super populated Mumbai(formerly Bombay).

The current plan for Ric Flair is to have him on the road doing media appearances, on-sales, autograph signings, trade shows and several other functions to promote the WWE, but there are no plans for him to return to television. As we said before, Flair has no interest in being an announcer, or a road agent.

Keith Olbermann Ripps JBL, New Backlash PPV Match, Michael Hayes Suspended

henry38ks.jpgMSNBC’s Keith Olbermann has named former WWE champion John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield as the ‘Worst Person of the Week’ during his television show, ripping on Layfield for promoting the Mamajuna Energy drink, which Olbermann
calls “marketing hocus pocus and a bogus promise.” The drink, according to Layfield gives additional sexual endurance for men and many have questioned that statement since JBL started to promote the drink. Olbermann adds
Layfield’s co-workers at Fox Business Channel calling them “snake-oil salesman.” JBL didn’t like the bashing and proceeded to write a column on WWE.COM doing the exact same thing however in writing rather than on
television. Oh, we forgot to mention, Layfield worked at MSNBC till 2004 but got fired for doing the Nazi walk and salute during a WWE live event in Germany which was caught on tape and made it on YouTube. (Thanks to Colin Vassallo source: gerwick.net)
Backlash will feature a 12 Diva tap match involving WWE Women’s Champ Mickie James, Maria, Ashley Massaro, Michelle McCool, Cherry and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian Hall, Layla Victoria, and Natalya Neidhart.
Sources are reporting that the WWE had a directive several months ago to get more African American faces on WWE television, citing a major downturn in African-American viewership since 2006. This seems to explain why Cryme Tyme came back so suddenly.
Rumors are circulating that Michael Hayes (smackdown head writer) has been suspended by the WWE for 60 days after using a derogatory term when speaking with WWE Superstar Mark Henry. According to the source, henry took offense and reported it.

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