WWE Music Volume 8, Brooke Hogan About Friend’s Affair, Myserio News

mysterio221k.jpgWWE The Music Volume 8 due out on 3/25 will have 3 bonus tracks at Wal-Mart stores. Those tracks will be the themes for Ashley Massaro, Santino Marella and Hornswoggle.
Brooke Hogan had the following to say on her MySpace in response to her friend having an affair with her father:

“When your best friend and one of your closest family members that you have loved unconditionally since your first day on this earth betrays you together, you could maybe find it in yourself to forgive one day, but you will never forget the hurt they caused you and how it hurt the people who mean the most to you.”

Rey Mysterio had his operation recently, and San Union-Tribune reports that David Chao, the doctor who did the surgery has been sued 18 times in San Diego Superior Court, including four times by Chargers players, for medical malpractice. Of those cases, five were settled out of court by Dr. Chao, and he ended up paying undisclosed amounts to each plaintiff.

SmackDown Vs. Raw, WWE’s New Tag Line,Jonny Fairplay Update, TNA Update

fairplay8311k.jpgRumors continue to swirl of a Raw vs. Smackdown General Manager’s challend at WWE’s Wrestlemania XXIV, but no official announcement has come.
WWE is currently doing a marketing survey lookin for a new marketing tagline. Some of the tag lines being considered include “Let Us Entertain You,” “It’s On,” “Where the story never ends,” “Real Entertainment,” “The Ultimate Thrill Ride,” and “It’s Unreal.”
TNA has still not signed Jonny Fairplay, although Dixie Carter is said to be big on the former Survivor Star. Rumors are swirling that Fairplay is trying to push another Survivor, though no names have yet come out.

TNA’s most requested superstar is Kurt Angle, especially for media appearances. TNA wrestler Abyss is going to be gone for some time, and then return with a new character and thus obviously a new angle.

LIVE ECW on Sci-Fi Coverage

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WWE SmackDown’s New Home

smackdown82.jpgsource: www.com

MyNetworkTV the new home of SmackDown
Written: February 26, 2008

NEW YORK – MyNetworkTV and World Wrestling Entertainment have announced a new broadcast television home for WWE SmackDown, scheduled to debut in Fall 2008. The announcement was jointly made by MyNetworkTV President, Greg Meidel and WWE Chairman of the Board Vincent K. McMahon.

“The momentum at MyNetworkTV continues with this major acquisition,” Meidel said. “We have demonstrated tremendous growth and this partnership with WWE, the premier sports-entertainment franchise in the world is a perfect fit for our viewers, advertisers and affiliates.”

The two-hour television program will be presented weekly on MyNetworkTV. WWE SmackDown will feature a star-studded cast of WWE Superstars that include Edge, Rey Mysterio, Batista, MVP, Kane and Undertaker, as well as present all the action, excitement, drama and great athleticism that have made it one of the most popular programs among males on broadcast television for nine years, and one of the top ten English language prime time programs among Hispanic households.

“We are excited to add MyNetworkTV and its television affiliates to our family of global network partners,” said WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. “We have an unmatched record of delivering ratings success to each and every network partner we’ve worked with in our long and storied history. We fully intend to bring that same level of success to MyNetworkTV.”

Mayweather Pay Day, WWE Hall Of Fame Inductees, WWE Divas Match Update

mayweather38kd.jpgFloyd Mayweather Jr. is getting paid, and paid well. Yahoo! is reporting that the boxer, turned dance star, turned WWE wrestler(at least for WrestleMania) is being paid a whopping $20 million dollars by the WWE. Wow, thats crazy.

The next two inductees for the WWE Hall of Fame have been announced, and as expected they are High Chief Peter Miavia, and Rocky Johnson, who will be inducted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

WWE Divas Candice Michelle & Maria will be fighting Beth Phoenix & Melina in a Playboy bunny matchup.

Raw Results

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TNA Impact! News, Dwayne Johnson Academy News, Hall of Fame News

therock83kk.jpgIts now up to Spike TV as to whether TNA Impact! will go live, and with a go ahead it would most likely happen. Jeff Jarrett is interesting in seing Impact! moved to Monday nights to compete head to head with Raw, but at this time Spike does not seem interested.

Dwayne”the Rock” Johnson was funny as always when he presented the acedemy award for Best Visual Effects. He referred to a kid who was amazed when he saw the face melt of in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but played off that it was him.

This Saturday is the expeced date for tickets to go on sale for this year’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The ceremony will be on March 29th at the Amway Arena, which will also host Raw two days later. Only “Nature Boy” Rick Flair has been announced for induction.

WWE SuperStar Injury Update, Jonny Fairplay Update, Piper Update

hotrod83k.jpgHighlander Rory McAllister (Russell Murray) underwent surgery on 2/10 on his completely torn pectoral and should be out at least six months.

Jonny Fairplay, former TNA personality and “Survivor” star, recently went on the Ron and Fez show and said that he was going to sign a TNA contract, and that he recently called Roddy Piper to tell him he was going to name his daughter Piper.

Roddy Piper was backstage at the Royal Rumble and he was heard telling people that he was completely cancer free.

Big Show Update, JR Blog Update, WWE Divas New Venture

victoria832k.jpgIt seems that the Big Show is going to be a WWE Smackdown superstar. His profile was posted at WWE.com under the smackdown roster,thus ending speculation about which program he’d be under.

Recently JR updated another blog entry and here’s some of what he said:

Speaking of the WWE Hall of Fame, tickets become available to the general public this weekend if I am not mistaken and I strongly encourage all wrestling fans who can to attend. Seeing Ric Flair inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame will be a once in a lifetime moment and hearing Ric’s acceptance speech will be a life time memory for many of us. Who do you think will end up presenting “Naitch?” Interesting question. Stone Cold inducting yours truly last year created memories that I will never forget and we have a cool Hall of Fame, framed display at J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q to memorialize the moment.

Not that I wouldn’t pay big MMA/PPV money to see it, but the likelihood of a Kurt Angle vs. Randy Couture fight is about as likely as yours truly being included in Mr. McMahon’s will. This fight is another attention grabber on the ‘Net which will never happen.

I have read on several Internet sites this week that there may be a partnering of resources on a Mixed Martial Arts venture between The McMahons and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Cuban even made a comment about such a collaboration this week as it being “a possibility.” This is all new news to me, but I could certainly see a significant and marketable dynamic between the two entities, if it were to occur. MMA fans should stay tuned on this matter. It may be simply speculation but one never knows these days.

WWE Smackdown Diva Victoria recently posted on her MySpace blog,and here’s what she had to say:

I am about to open a custom car shop in Louisville, KY. I am hoping to have the doors open sometime next month. We just finished our first build, which was customizing my Chrysler 300C. I entered it in a national contest, put on by YouTube and Chrysler, and we are one of 25 finalists. The voting is going on right now, so if you get a chance, you can go to www.black-widow-customs.com and learn how to vote for my car.

Hogan VS MMA Fighter?


Months ago, MMA fighter and Xero Underground star, ‘Green Dragon’ Jason Pharo issued what is now known as ‘The Challenge’ to ANY professional wrestler to get in the ring and fight him in a MMA exhibition. This “Challenge” crossed all promotion lines and is a LEGIT, non-scripted, challenge. “I wanna see how many of these rasslers can fight…They claim they are SOOO tough, let’s see how tough they are without a pre-determined outcome!”
Ah, now comes one of the BIGGEST superstars in history, someone Xero officials never would have dreamed of, actually mentioning not only Xero Underground, but Jason Pharo specifically. A few weeks ago on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show, Bubba asked HULK HOGAN about Pharo’s “Challenge”. Hogan then replied, “Who is Pharo? I would just shove him out of the ring and it’d be over”. With that shot, Pharo has PUBLICALLY challenged Hogan, and it’s not just for publicity….”I DARE Hogan to show up! I want him to, one thing I will say, out of all the people that have read and heard about this Challenge, his is the ONLY one to step up. Let’s see if he can backup his words with some action” said Pharo.
People are saying there’s a snowball’s chance in hell Hogan will show up to Aberdeen, MD on Feb 23….”The Challenge” has been issued, Xero officials are welcoming Hogan with open arms and so is Pharo. Will he show up? Or is he too scared? Or too busy with this ‘New Fed’ he is working on ;-)?
We will find out, BROTHER!


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