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Lance Storm Talks TNA

Recently Lance Storm posted regarding TNA and his dislike for the promotion.
Shark Boy
January 28, 2008

I was trying to avoid yet another article about TNA, but I’ve been swamped with email questions about last weeks episode of Impact, in particularly the debut of “Stone Cold” Shark Boy. The email that best sums up everyone’s questions on the subject was the following one:

“After a month or so of not watching TNA I come across it tonight. Only to see who I’m sure everyone is calling Shark Boy Steve Austin I suppose, make his debut? With Black Machismo and now Shark Cold. Is there something to this? I mean I don’t really consider myself a “smart” or “smark” or whatever term the net is using right now. I’m just completely mind boggled really with this angle. I see no point to it besides making TNA seem like some slapstick comedy hour. I’m hoping you address this on your next post. I am just at a loss here.”

Let me start by saying I believe someone is very lost here but it is not the person who sent me this email. I believe the person (or persons) who are lost here is or are the people who book/write TNA Impact. For the most part imitations, despite the cheap pop they initially garner, just make the imitator come off second rate. Famous people never imitate average people average people imitate celebrities, so in my opinion Jay Lethal and Shark Boy come off like mark Indy workers imitating real stars, which really shouldn’t be the booking goal of the company they work for.

This concept actually came up in ECW way back when. On house shows some of the guys would do WWF gimmick moves for the cheap pop it would garner. I recall one house show when in a tag match Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman worked in a double Scotty 2 Hotty Worm spot to a huge pop from the crowd. Paul Heyman was livid and told the guys never to do stuff like that again, because it made us look second rate and inferior to the WWF. I agreed and figured if the biggest pop you could get was by imitating someone else, you didn’t really have much value as a performer.

For a company that claims to be an alternative to WWE, having guys on their show impersonate guys from WWE seems even crazier. I will grant you that the impersonations are quite good and most people watching the show likely enjoyed them, but I don’t see where it can go from here. I seriously doubt there are plans to push Shark Cold into a top PPV spot program, and even if there are, the Stone Cold imitation will get old very quickly. Black Machismo has lasted longer, primarily because Jay Lethal is a damn talented kid whose abilities warrant a PPV spot on his own, but Shark Boy is a dead end comedy gimmick that will never draw money, and seeing him do a Thesz press and stomp a guy in the corner will not carry a match on PPV.

In the end Shark Cold will likely not amount to anything more than a short term comedy pop on 2 or 3 Impact shows and then run it’s course and be dropped. All in all it will end up being just a big waste of valuable airtime. Impact is TNA’s primary vehicle for selling PPVs and establishing stars and the company’s image. Time should not be wasted playing ribs, or doing inside jokes just to entertain the boys. TNA needs to spend every second of their Impact air time establishing their own image and getting their top guy and PPV angles over, to generate revenue. Only then will TNA and Impact be a success.

Lance Storm

Chris Harris Joining WWE

harris0111.jpgChris posted this on his website,

Watch Out! Wildcat is Moving to WWE!

Due to confidential negotiations, I have had to keep quiet for some time. I have read a number of wrestling sites reporting what they suspected was happening with me. I have had numerous calls from radio stations and internet sites and have answered none. Fans on the site and in person want to know. Truth is, I wanted to keep quiet until it was official. Yesterday evening, I signed a contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment.

I apologize for not responding to anyone, but there was no need to stir up the gossip until I had something official. Not to mention, I am not sure of the rules yet and didn’t want to cause problems with my new employer. I have put a lot of thought into this decision and feel that it is the best for me. Wrestling is my life and I had lost my passion for it. I have been unhappy for some time. It was the right time to make some changes. I have fulfilled many dreams in my wrestling career, but the ultimate dream is to be at the top of the wrestling world…and that means the WWE.

I will say nothing bad about TNA. I am grateful for everything they have given me. I appreciate the fact they have helped advance my career to where it is today. The past 5 1/2 years have been some of the best in my life, but also some of the most stressful. I have worked my ass off to become what I am today. Now it is time to take the next step.

I don’t know what the future holds for me. It is time to start at the bottom again and fight my way to the top. I am proud to be part of my new family. Even though I have not worked for WWE before…I feel like that is where I belong.

I want to thank everyone for all of the support they have given me over the years. I can only hope that you continue your support. The real journey has just begun. I will put my heart and soul into this journey and let God lead me.

I always remind everyone to “live the dream”. This is my dream…and it’s time to start living!


Funny Lesnar Video, TNA Drug Testing Update, Ron Killings Signs, Senshi Ditches TNA, No Way Out Matches

I was on Tiny Joke and noticed a very funny video their showing. Its a recreation of a match between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir, and it has Fedor Emelianenko as well. Check it out by clickinghere
Wrestling Confidential has been wondering what TNA’s drug testing program would look like, and now we have a better picture. At the most recent TNA Impact tapings there were no fines or suspensions as the event was considered to be a baseline test. I think its more of a warning to TNA wrestlers to try to get them to get clean before the next round of tests. Wrestlers were also told that they would be fined a massive $200(wow thats a huge fine, no really) for testing positive for pot. TNA has not stated when or how often they will test, or even if they will do surprise testing, but I personally don’t really care. I’m in it for the Wrestling, not the positive tests before or after.
Ron”The Truth” Killings has officially signed with WWE, and is going through his medical checks.
Word is coming out that Senshi has signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling instead of TNA. He will start as a regular on the 2/2 show in Sanjyo.
Three matches have been announced for No Way Out and there are two big matches from Raw. Randy Orton will face off against Royal Rumble winner John Cena, and Jeff Hardy, JBL, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Umaga will be fighting for the number one contender spot at WrestleMania inside the Elimination Chamber. The third match announced so far sees Mr. Kennedy trying to end Ric Flair’s career, via the Career Threatening Match.

UFC Deals With Both WWE And UFC

lesnar298.jpgOriginally UFC had a deal in place with TNA to help push the upcoming Brock Lesnar mma fight with former ufc heavyweight champion Frank Mir, but in fact UFC has deals with both WWE and TNA. At the Royal Rumble there were UFC signs on the concourse and on the big marquee outside the garden, and later this week they will be pushing the match. TNA Impact on Thursday will also have a feature including Angle, Lesnar and Mir, hyping both the UFC bout and TNA itself. The feature will also push the All Access: Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar Akebono Match

Remember the old days, when Brock Lesnar was just a wrestler? Well, we do:

Hogan MMA News, How’d Vince McMahon Do On Apprentice, WWE Champs Popular, Stephanie McMahon On Jeff Hardy

mcmahon302.jpgThere’s a nice article on Hulk Hogan’s connection with MMA at The MMA News. It seems that his cousin will be debuting in February. Just click the link above or here
Vince McMahon was on the Celebrity Apprentice last thursday, and it averaged a 5.8 rating(third out of five networks, but first among 18-49). The previous week averaged a 5.9 so it seems that Vince appearing on the show didn’t help much.
WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison are more popular than i’d originally thought. Its estimated they drew between 500-600 fans to their autograph signing yesterday, and when they left onlookers said that fans swarmed their limosine, screaming, rocking it, and even chasing it down the street. Wow.
The wrestling observer is saying that there is one person backstage in particular who is against a Jeff Hardy title run, and that person is Stephanie McMahon. Could it be that she’s protecting her man Triple H, and his run in the WWE?

Royal Rumble Results

ring16.jpgClick more for ongoing coverage of Royal Rumble, and keep checking for updates Read more »

WWE Writer Gone,Former “Amercian Gladiators” host joins WWE

adamle6.jpgIts being reporting that writer Dave Lagana was let go by the WWE today. Lagana has been a head writer with both Smackdown and ECW, and had been with the company since 2002. No reason was given for his departure.


As co-host of the original American Gladiators series, Mike Adamle has witnessed his fair share of punches, kicks and body slams. Good thing, too. All the better to prepare him for his latest role: WWE on-air personality.
Best known for his Gladiator role (1989 – 1996), Adamle joins the WWE broadcast team this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, where he’ll get his feet wet interviewing Superstars. From there, Adamle will join team Raw on Monday nights doing, as he describes it, “a little bit of everything.”
Growing up near Chicago, the sportscaster says his ties to wrestling go way back. “I remember going to see matches with my Dad and my sister,” Adamle fondly recalls. “We would watch Bobo Brazil do his move called the Coco Butt, [a head butt].”
Adamle says he appreciates the innovation of Superstars such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and current American Gladiators co-host Hulk Hogan.
“Anytime you have an athlete who’s remembered years afterward, that’s special,” he says.
These days, Adamle admires a host of Superstars, but when pressed on which pair he’d particularly be thrilled to see clash, the man who’s covered two Olympic Games doesn’t hesitate.
“Triple H going up against Randy Orton would be a great match,” replies Adamle. “You’ve got two tremendous athletes and a lot of showmanship.”
As a former NFL running back in the early 1970s, Adamle says he’s encouraged by the showier aspects of sports-entertainment.
“Even as a [football player], I always felt I was an entertainer first,” he says. “After I’d make a great play on special teams, I’d try to wave to the crowd. Now, when someone scores a touchdown and celebrates, they’re penalized. In the WWE, they’re encouraged.”
Adamle’s NFL days may be behind him, but that doesn’t mean he’s confined to the couch. Several years ago, after feeling a few aches and pains and having put on some extra poundage, Adamle decided to refocus by training for a triathlon. “I finished in about 14 hours,” recalls Adamle of his first crack at the competition.
Since then, he’s competed in four more triathlons and shaved roughly two hours off his time. Despite being so fit, however, Adamle says he’s more comfortable interviewing Superstars as opposed to battling them.
“I feel like I’m not big enough to compete against these guys,” says the 5-foot-9-inch Adamle, with a chuckle. “They’d have to start me off against Hornswoggle.”

Linda Hogan Talks Divorce

linda-hogan-123.jpgThe Tampa Tribune newspaper is running a story about Linda Bollea and her divorce from WWE Hall of Famer, and American Gladiator Host Hulk Hogan. The story stated that Linda had accused Hogan of ‘legal shenanigans’ involving a ten million dollar sum that he had hidden from a real estate sale. According to Linda, Hulk tried to talk her into signing a post-nuptial agreement which she claims it was drafted by a Tampa attorney and Hogan himself before they went to visit him with her being under the idea that the whole meeting was just for real estate planning. Linda also said that she had taken over 1 million dollars from their accounts, but had not spent the money, and said that the money taken from the accounts are under an LLC corporation with Hogan’s close friend Eric Bischoff being the only man in control.

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