TinyJoke.Com Wrestling Jokes

top2221.jpgI found a website recently that had some pretty good wrestling jokes. It seems like the site is new, so I’m giving it a plug. It’s called TinyJoke.com, and here’s some of the wrestling jokes:

Wrestling might rule your life if:

When you attend a graduation, and yell “Ooooooh yeah!” when ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ plays.
When you’re getting beat up in a bar fight, but you honestly believe that with a little crowd support, you can turn this thing around.
If you’re a Honky Tonk Man impersonator instead of an Elvis impersonator.

You get the idea. Not bad, not bad at all. They don’t have alot of content yet, but it seems like it could come quickly. Check it out.

WWE Wrestlers “FLEX”

batista2011.jpgThe January Issue of FLEX Magazine’s features a few WWE stars, including Stone Cold Steve Austin(Hart times column), Triple H, John Cena and Batista. Stone Cold is shown working out at Gold’s gym in venice, and Batista has a new plug for his Nutrabolics suppliments. Triple H, John Cena and Batista were all seen recently at the Mr. Olympia expo.

Raw 29th Spoiler

ring9.jpgThis is the spoiler for the upcoming Raw show. Read more »

WWE Star Injured

lancecade292.jpgFormer World Tag Team Champion Lance Cade was injured after separating his left shoulder at a live event in Atlanta on Friday night.

According to athletic trainer Chris Brennan, the severity of Cade’s injury cannot be determined until he undergoes an orthopedic evaluation.

“Lance could be out of action for four to six weeks,” Brennan told WWE.com. “Of course, those numbers could change depending on the orthopedic evaluation.”

WWE.com will update this situation as more information becomes available.

Gillberg Interview

gillberg.jpgRecently, Gillberg, that’s right, not Goldberg(whose birthday was on Dec 28th, by the way), did an interview with Alex Marvez. Some of the more interesting quotes were:
“I was honored beyond belief when they let me come out last,” Gill said in a phone interview. “The crowd loved it. The Gillberg gimmick really was the highlight to my career.”
“He was pretty cool and actually took some pictures with me,” said Gill, who appeared in only one Raw skit with Goldberg. “But you could tell that night he hated my guts and everything that had to do with me.”
“They saved me,” a laughing Gill said. “That S.O.B. would have killed me because I’m a little guy (6 feet tall and 230 pounds).”
(This in reference to a Gillberg vs. Goldberg Main Event on Raw that never happened)

Gillberg still hopes that someday perhaps he’ll get another call-up for the WWE, but right now he’s happy with just being on the 15th anniversary of Raw.

Triple H News, Mistico News, Hi-Def Pay-Per-View

tripleh201113.jpgThe news coming out of the WWE for the reason why they switched the outcome of the Triple H-Jeff Hardy result at the Armageddon was due to Triple H preferring to get his title shot at Wrestlemania, instead of at the Royal Rumble.
For the second time there are rumors coming out and suggesting that WWE is interested in CMLL SuperStar Mistico. He’s known to work a crazy schedule in Mexico, one that’s even more demanding that WWE’s.
WWE’s Royal Rumble Pay-per view will be the first WWE broadcast ever in high-definition. The date is set for January 27th, and the event will be in 1080i. Some speculate the move to HD was pushed as UFC has been broadcasting in HD for almost a year, and both seem to subscribe to the same demographic.

Konnan Update

konnan201.jpgsource: Gerwick.net
Cuban born wrestling Superstar and legend Carlos Ashenoff better known by his in ring name through out the world as ” Konnan ” is going back home to the City Of Miami and South Florida to take care of business, professional wrestling business that is.

Konnan who recently departed from TNA and is back down in Mexico running things for the popular Lucha Libre company, AAA ( Triple A ) has now aligned himself with a new South Florida wrestling organization, the IWZ ” Independent Wrestling Zone “, his involvement with the IWZ is deep, Konnan will be bringing his creative and vast experience to the IWZ along with another fellow Cuban who’s background is in the film, music and events promoting industry. Read more »

Royal Rumble Tickets, Edge News

edgesl.jpgYou can get your tickets for 2008 WWE Royal Rumble today at the Madison Square Garden in New York city, with a 10am eastern time, as per Ticketmaster.com. Prices seem to be $35-$400.
In a related story, according to sources next week on Smackdown they will start a “Beat The Clock” challenge for which the winner gets a shot at Edge for the Championship at the Royal Rumble.

TNA “Final Resolution” Pay-Per-View Update

abyss.jpgOn Sunday, January 6, TNA Wrestling presents “Final Resolution” live on Pay-Per-View from Orlando, Florida, and available on InDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, TVN, Viewer’s Choice Canada and more. Call your local cable or satellite provider for ordering information! The below is the card thus far for the epic event, with more bouts to be announced next Thursday on “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV:

– In the main event of the Pay-Per-View, it will be Olympic gold medalist and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle defending the gold against former champion “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage. At last year’s “Final Resolution” it was Cage beating Angle to retain the championship. Can Cage do it again and reclaim the title he was never pinned for? Plus, how will AJ Styles and Tomko fit into the equation? Will they side with Angle heading into the championship match – or back up their former mentor Cage? Read more »

Official Smackdown Preview

wwe.jpgAs 2007 winds down, the year’s final installment of Friday Night SmackDown revs up with an amazing look back at the past 365 days in sports-entertainment. Monstrously memorable match-ups, astonishing alliances, stunning surprises and remarkable rivalries mark a year of SmackDown, Raw and ECW action that won’t soon be forgotten by our fans. And this Friday is your chance to see how they all unfolded.

Happy Holidays from WWE, and before you ring in the New Year, please join us and relive an unbelievable 2007 on Friday Night SmackDown, 8/7 CT on The CW Network.

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