Brooke Hogan Wants Out

brooke-hogan.jpgLife & Style magazine features a full page article on Brooke Hogan this week

This weeks edition of celebrity tabloid magazine Life & Style magazine features a full page article on Brooke Hogan. In the article she says that she has not spoken to Hulk in over two weeks. Reportedly, Brooke would like to move out of the family house, instead getting a place of her own. That did not go over well with Hulk. The article also mentions that Brooke’s singing career is currently on hold.
Its also been reported that Linda Hogan wants physical custody of Nick, thus giving Hulk only visitation rights.

Will Sting Stay?

sting.jpgThe word backstage at Impact is that Sting is thinking of retiring at the end of the year, though he is in negotiations with TNA for a one year extension. Dixie Carter(of TNA) is thought to be very ‘big’ on Sting, and wants him to stay. The deal seems to be for $500,000 and would only force Sting to work on T.V. and Pay-per-view.
Next week Tna will open their voting for the Year End Awards, and many people are expected to vote for Sting, especially with his performance at Bound for Glory 2007.

WWE Raw 15th Anniversary Rumors

stone-cold.jpgJust a quick post on some of the latest gossip.
Reports suggest that WWE will announce that Stone Cold Steve Austin will be appearing on the December 10th special 3-hour 15th anniversary edition of WWE RAW. Steve Austin will start promoting the RAW 15th anniversary tomorrow, or so the rumor goes.
The WWE is trying The Rock to come to the show, but so far there has been no confirmation of this rumor. I’ll post when i find out more.

Rob Van Dam Talks Triple H

rob-van-dam.jpgThe UK’s Power Slam magazine recently interviewed Rob Van Dam. Here’s his take on Triple H:

Is it true you had problems with Triple H when you worked for WWE?

Problems? I had problems liking him. I had problems feeling compatible with him on any other level other than the fact that we’re both wrestlers. He would be one of the last guys you would see sharing a car with me. If we weren’t both wrestlers, I doubt I’d have anything in common with him.

There were a few occasions — Unforgiven 2002 springs to mind — when it seemed like the perfect time for you to defeat Triple H. After he attacked and beat you down on the September 16, 2002 Raw, you sought revenge in a singles bout at Unforgiven six days later. A win there would have been a tremendous boon for you. Meanwhile, a loss for HHH would have done his status no harm at all. As it turned out, HHH won by pinfall. It seemed like he cut you off.

Well, I don’t disagree with you. And that’s why I’m glad my career is caught on videotape and DVD, so the fans can watch what happened in my career and say it all for me, like you just did.

You’ve nothing further to add about HHH?

When you’re watching RVD TV (his online TV show), don’t look for HHH to be in Rob Van Dam’s house.

WWE Goes Wild

george-steele.jpgThe WWE has their top 10 wildest superstars. Here’s the list
10. Boogeyman
9. Skinner
8. The Missing Link
7. The BushWhackers
6. The Berzerker
5. Cactus Jack
4. George Steele
3. Kamala
2. Umaga
1. The Wild Samoans

Personally i think that George takes the cake, and that the Missing Link should be closer to #1. So for George “The Animal” Steele, i say: “LOU LOU”

Matt Hardy Update

matt-hardy.jpgAccording to, Matt Hardy is now home and resting, and will soon be ready to return to action. Matt says: “I was being pumped full of antibiotics for four days straight last week to combat all the toxins that had seeped into my body and poisoned my insides. The thing that is more aggravating than anything else is the soreness. Not just because of the incision, but because after they removed the appendix, and because it had burst, they took saline and sprayed down the intestines, the kidneys and the abdominal cavity and then brushed those organs clean and those organs aren’t supposed to be moved around like that, so it’s just incredible discomfort. But I am up and walking around a little. So one week later, I am glad I am feeling this good compared to where I was last Tuesday.”

Booker T News

bookert.jpgSpike TV had their media conference call today. On it Booker T spoke about rumors connecting him to the Signature Pharmacy scandal while under contract to the WWE. Booker stated that he never ordered anything from Signature, nor had he even used his credit card to by anything on the internet. Booker also stated that the WWW “didn’t protect him” and when asked how his name was on the list when he didn’t order anything he replied “I really can’t answer that question. I believe in conspiracy theories. I believe I was a Scapegoat.” Booker also claimed that when he first heard about WWE’s new wellness program he called Dr. David Black(in charge of the program) but never got a return phone call.
Booker also said he was currently working on a career documentary, and that he and his brother Stevie Ray had some issues but was hopeful about putting them to rest.

Cena And Triple H Muscle News

john-cena.jpgJohn Cena has a new supplement pak called “John Cena’The Choice of A Champion’, being released by The paks consist of protein bars and shakes, energy drinks and some gear.
In the December 2007 issue of Flex magazine, Triple H is featured in the Hard Times Column. The column mentions Triple H’s interest in bodybuilding and his visit at the 2007 Mr. Olympia competition.

Raw Recap

WWE RAWStory By: Steve Carrier

From Charlotte, NC.

– The show opens up with a recap of Jericho’s return from last week.

(1) Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs Snitsky & Umaga.
Hardy match last week because he wants a shot at the IC Title. Lawler also said that Snitsky is undefeated in the WWE which is far from the truth. Hardy leaped off the ring apron on to Umaga and Snitsky but was caught. Triple H jumped off the apron sending all four crashing down to the floor. Snitsky and Umaga isolated Jeff in the ring. Hardy finally makes the hot tag to Triple H who comes in and cleans house. On the oustside Triple H knocked Snitsky in to the front row. Triple H gave Umaga the Pedigree and Hardy followed that up with the Swanton for the win.

– William Regal comes out and announces Jeff Hardy vs Triple H for Armageddon.

– A limo is shown pulling up outside and out steps Ric Flair.

– Ric Flair makes his way to the ring to make what Lawler calls “A Major announcement”. Flair stood in the ring teary eyed and said that his wrestling career can’t go on forever. He said one day he will have to retire which led to boos from the crowd. Flair said his big announcement is that he will never retire, he loves this buissness and he is going no where. “No Chance” plays as out walks Mr. McMahon. Vince says it’s great that Ric never wants to retire but his career will only go on if he continues to win. So the next time he loses a match his career is over. Vince said good luck Ric and I hope you don”t die anytime soon. Randy Orton’s music hit and the WWE Champion made his way to the ring. Orton says he came out to thank Ric for being a friend to him and all the advice he has given him. He also wants to thank him in advance as tonight he is going to end Flair’s career on Raw.

(2) Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Super Crazy & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch & The Highlanders.
The crowd is totally dead for this one. Holly nails the Alabama Slam on Robbie for the win.

– Backstage Todd Grisham interviewed Jeff Hardy. He said it will be an honor to face The Game at Armageddon but he hopes the match doesn’t get in the way of their friendship. Triple H walked in and said they aren’t friends and that at Armageddon he’s stepping in the ring with The Game.

– Highlights are shown of the HBK / Kennedy brawl from last week’s Raw. Backstage Kennedy help up a copy of Shawn’s new DVD and ripped into him. Bringing up the fact that Shawn lost his smile and has turned on every tag team partner he has ever had. He said you get to see Shawn at his best on the DVD as his wines and politics his way to the top. As they cut away you could hear the director of the segment yell clear.

– Backstage Flair is shown chatting with Arn Anderson and Barry Windham.

– Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring dressed in wrestling gear. He demanded that Orton give him a title shot. Santino Morella made his way to the ring and called him “KYJ”. He challenged Jericho to a match and he accepted. Santino then jumped over the announce table on to Jerry Lawler and nailed him with a number of punches.

(3) Chris Jericho vs Santino Morella.
Jericho dominates tha match and nailes Santino with his new finisher The Code Breaker where he drops his opponents face down across his own knee.

(4) Mr. Kennedy vs Brian Kendrick. Kennedy squashes Kendrick and wins with a Flat Liner.

– Kennedy takes the Mic and announces that he will be taking on HBK at Armageddon.

– Backstage Vince gave Hornswoggle another peptalk and booked Finlay vs Great Khali for Armageddon. Carlito tried to attack Hornswoggle but he painted a door on the wall and left through it. Carlito tried to go through the door but hit the wall instead and fell over. Ron Simmons walked in an said “DAMN”.

(5) Mickie James vs Melina for a shot at the Women’s Title.
Mickie James wins with a DDT.

(6) Ric Flair vs Randy Orton.
If Flair loses he must retire. Nice back and forth match. On the floor Orton nails Flair with a suplex. Flair botches taking an RKO. Jericho distracts the referee and Flair nails Orton with a low blow for the win.

– Jericho stares down Orton as Raw goes off the air.

Jerico Cracks The Code

jericho.jpgChris Jerico foiled Randy Orton’s attempt to force Ric Flair into retirement yesterday, instead helping the “Nature Boy” defeat the “Legend Killer” on Raw. Jerico also Jerico broke out his new finishing move, the Code Cracker. Its actually a double-knee facebuster that he no doubt perfected at Lance Storm’s Wrestling Acedemy in Canada. Y2J challened Orton for an opportunity at the WWE Championship, and off the air Orton accepted, setting up an Armageddon Match.

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