Joseph Rogers screws Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible

ballsmahoneysmall.jpgFrom Chris Rougeau:

Indy wrestling promoter Joseph Rogers of the now defunct EWA wrestling promotion out of Butler, Pennsylvania, ran a show this past Saturday night with former ECW wrestlers Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible. During Mahoney’s match, the promoter took the money from the show and left the building without paying anyone including the building, video crew, ring crew, pizza delivery service and talent.

Wrestling agent/promoter Marvin Ward released the following statement regarding the ordeal:

Back in November, we were contacted by Joseph Rogers, in Butler, PA, about Justin Credible appearing on his March 7 show. He was a complete idiot from day one. He didn’t send the payment until 2 weeks before the show and had 1001 excuses on why, and the payment was in the form of a started check that I am amazed it didn’t bounce. He didn’t book the plane tickets until 3 days before the event.

The event was a joke. The crowd of 500 people which he claimed would be there was actually 69. When we got there, he expected for Justin to wrestle 2 matches in the horribly stiff ring that had no give whatsoever and to keep his gimmick money. Apparently, while Balls Mahoney, who was with us, was wrestling his match, the promoter left town without paying anybody. Justin Credible refused to wrestle after Balls got screwed, and most of the other talent on the show did.

We proceeded to go to this scumbag’s house, who obviously wasn’t home. He also f***** the building on rent, he stiffed the pizza delivery boy, and he screwed the video production crew also. This clown was also announcing his April 4 show, which will obviously not be happening now. Now, this idiot left in such a hurry, he forgot to take the ticket stubs, so we took them back to the hotel and counted them. There were 69 tickets sold, with a grand total of $1,039 being made.

There is being a class action lawsuit

filed against this clown so everyone who got screwed, will get what they are owed. This morning, Joseph Rogers deleted his MySpace and email account. His personal email account is

-Nathan Ward, Justin Credible, and Balls Mahoney


The Wrestler Official Song By Bruce Springsteen

For everyone getting stoked about watching ‘The Wrestler’, we have the official song for the movie written by Bruce Springstein!

Paul Heyman dissects wrestling today

heyman.jpgPaul Heyman writes for the Sun these days and has been producing a wealth of great wrestling articles. Heyman’s latest article not only summarizes the challanges facing wrestling today, but also showcases Paul’s genious for marketing wrestling. Here’s an excerpt from his article:

THE pro wrestling industry needs to wake up this morning and realise the audience is not only dwindling, it’s being chased away.

I would suggest it doesn’t take much to see the current format and themes and presentation are all in dire need of a complete overhaul.

Of course, this applies to the dominant global market share holder, World Wrestling Entertainment – with its previously-discussed “Audience of One,” and therefore it applies to the trickle-down creative theory of “we’re number two” – TNA Wrestling.

If you watched TNA IMPACT! this past week, you saw, yet again, a squandered opportunity at the counter-productive levels of WCW at its very worst.

To exacerbate the situation, this inexcusable momentum-killer was coming right out of TNA’s Bound For Glory pay per view in front of an awesome hot crowd in Chicago

TNA is just such a mess. Where does anyone who stands outside their lack of vision even try to begin? Hmmmmm… let’s see.

The “sure thing” Mick Foley seems uncharacteristically uninspired during his promo, and then promises to shake pro wrestling to it’s very foundation on the next show.

Nothing like over-promising. Unless Foley wants to re-institute the X-Division style match and “top everyone else’s performances …. EVER!”

I don’t know what Mick can do to live up to the hype.

I truly hope he does, but it seems the Through The Looking Glass mentality of the backwards world of TNA has lead me to become sceptical of even TNA’s mere desire to deliver the goods.

They have all the talent in the world. Sting, believe it or not, is at the top of his game. He may not have the youth and match-long physical intensity he had in WCW, but he’s a much smarter worker now and his promos have been so focused and good, they’re out of place on the lost TNA programming.

Kurt Angle is a man possessed. The demons inside Kurt drive him to compete with everyone in the known universe, and he hates himself with a passion every single solitary day of his existence that he can’t look in the mirror and say “I see the greatest wrestler in the history of this industry staring back at me.” Kurt is compelled to be the best, which is a strong weapon to have at your disposal.

Samoa Joe is a workhorse who takes great pride in his performances, only he’s booked and produced so terribly, the best thing for Samoa Joe fans to do is to plead with him to jump to WWE just for the chance to break away from the career-contaminating booking he’s suffering through now.

And then there’s the man who turned on Joe, multi-promotion main event star Kevin Nash.

On the television show following his big turn on Samoa Joe, where this now-sinister seven footer has betrayed the trust of the promotion’s biggest house-branded superstar, Nash took the mic and recited a well known Ric Flair promo from the 1980s.

If Nash is going to quote anyone, shouldn’t it be himself? It could have been as easy as “I’ve done it everywhere I’ve gone in my career. This place is no exception. I’m … taking …. over!”

AJ Styles rubs up against the main event, but the promotion sees him as an opponent more than an attraction. Team 3-D can work with anyone, p*** off any crowd, lose every night, and keep their heat. They know exactly what they’re doing.

So, with all this talent, what’s the premise of the show? What’s the theme? What’s the central hook for the next several months? Jeff Jarrett’s return? Kurt Angle’s unhealthy desire to mention Jeff’s family in every promo? Booker’s need to be a legend? Sting’s pursuit of respect from Samoa Joe? Joe’s need to demonstrate his youth yet experience against Sting? The TNA Championship itself?

There is no central theme to the TNA show. No focus. Everything is so structured to get to the next segment and simply “not lose a viewer,” the promotion has lost sight of the necessity, let along the genuine value, of the long term build.

I’m not picking on TNA. To be blunt, they have a wealth of talent at their disposal, strong financial backing into the tens of millions, and a cooperative network. If I sound envious, it’s because I’m looking at the advantages they are simply blowing by narrow-casting and aspiring to be nothing better than WWE Lite.

I actually think WWE deserves more criticism for the falling overall interest level because if anyone should have the forethought to move into the future, it’s World Wrestling Entertainment.

The moneymaking juggernaut is such a strong corporation, yet the directive of and to the creative is weak and antiquated. It’s time for Vince’s vision of sports entertainment to be updated. Check out the new generation of kids watching the shows. What music do they listen to? What styles resonate with them? With whom can they identify?

D/x vs Miz and Morrison. Is it going to be the changing of the guard to a new D-Generation of punks? Or will it be a short term “HHH and HBK rule the WWE universe” demonstration like D/x did with Team rKo already?

Kenny “Doane” Dykstra is 23 years old. Why isn’t he living in the studio, watching how shows are edited, so he learns the mindset of what WWE is looking for in a television product? If you’re a race car driver, wouldn’t you know how the car runs, not just how to drive it?

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are excellent in their roles, but can you name anything about their presentation that screams “young and new and different than anything you’ve seen before” instead of just “we look, dress, and wrestle like 35 year old men who are veterans.”

No new style, not even an attempt at a different approach to their marketing and presentation. Think of it this way: While the announcers can tell us all ad naseum how young DiBiase and Morrison are, how many 13 year olds look at that tag team and think they’re younger and more successful than Miz and Morrison?

When I first broke in as “Paul E. Dangerously,” I hated when the old timers would just complain about how good wrestling was in their day, and how it all sucks now, and how back in the good ol’ days blah blah blah.

Let’s be clear on one thing. I’m not talking about the good ol’ days. I don’t want wrestling to look back on old concepts. I’m begging the industry to realise the present style of writing, producing, and presenting wrestling television has simply run its course.


tylerblack.jpgAAW is back at the Eagles Club in Berwyn this Saturday. We’ll have $10 SHIMMER DVDs and $5 Roster Albums available at intermission at the front ticket table. Here’s all the info on the show…

Saturday September 6th AAW returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club for another huge night of action at “Hostile Intentions”. A new day is dawning in AAW and all the stars of the company are looking for the top spots. Let’s take a closer look at the card.


It’s been a tough road for Tyler Black in 2008 but he has overcome every obstacle in his way. In July he defeated Jerry Lynn for his second AAW Championship and last month was able to successfully defend his title against Josh Raymond. Black is without a doubt one of the hottest young stars in all of professional wrestling and he will be in action at Hostile Intentions.



KROTCH (c) w/Nikki

“The Anarchist”
ARIK CANNON w/ Joey Eastman

An issue that has been boiling for several months will be settled at Hostile Intentions. The perennial underdog Krotch shocked everyone in June when he overcame the odds and won the prestigious Heritage title. Arik Cannon has been a thorn in the champions side for months attacking him from behind and even putting his hands on his little sister Nikki. Cannon may be the favorite going in but AAW fans have come to know that you can never count out Krotch.




“Mdogg 20”

A match up of two fan favorites as Matt Cross makes his long awaited return to AAW after touring around the globe. Mdogg wanted a top opponent right off the bat and AAW owner Jim Lynam was quick to match him up against former AAW Heavyweight champion Egotistco Fantastico. Both men are known for their kamikaze style in the ring and this has the potential to be one of the most exciting matches in recent memory. Mdogg 20 is looking to get right back in the thick of things and Ego is looking to get one step closer to a title shot.


After the s hocking revelation last month that Jim Jynam had purchased sole ownership of AAW he announced his first act was the signing of former WWE tag team champion Joey Matthews. Matthews is a world renound competitor and an instant threat to every competitor in the lockeroom. Matthews will announce his intentions in AAW and will also return to in ring action.




A return match from last month where the three youngsters from central Illinois took Daniels, Davis and Brave to the limit before ultimately coming up short in their AAW debut. Gakiya, Esperza and Brubaker not only impressed the fans but also Jim Lynam who has asked them back for a chance to earn spots on the AAW roster. The high flyers will be looking to impress once again as their opponents look to reestablish their dominance in the wake of JJ. Inc disbanding.


Jim Lynam will have to quickly prove he is a man of action with the AAW Tag Team Title situation very much up in the air. Lynam has promised he will address the controversy and sources are saying he has a lot to say on the subject. As of right now Shane Holister still holds one half of the championship and Joey Eastman will be putting the rematch clause in effect so the Northstar Express will be involved in a Tag Team Title match of some kind at Hostile Intentions.







An important match for both teams as the Twins want back in the ring with Northstar Express in the worst way and McClure and his protégé Mcentyre enter the tag team division for the first time. Can the Twins continue to climb back up the ladder or will Chandler and Jordan once again play the role of spoilers.








KEITH WALKER w/ Dave Prazak

CHRISTIAN ABLE w/ Truth Martini



AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
Hostile Intentions ’08

Saturday, September 6th
Berwyn Eagles Club
6309 W. 26th St.
Berwyn, IL

Doors O pen at 6:45pm
$15.00 Front Row
$12.00 General Admission
$1.00 Beers at the bar


ROH Rhett Titus Interview

rhetttitus.jpegTitus addicted to wrestling

Alan J. Wojcik interviewed ROH Rhett Titus for Here’s some excerpts from the interview:

Addicted To Love Rhett Titus (6-2, 195) will compete in the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup on Friday, Sept. 26 at The New Lakes in the Regency Park Civic Center, 8330 Civic Dr., Port Richey, Fla. and Saturday, Sept. 27 at the Brooksville National Guard Armory, 16386 Springhill Dr., Brooksville, Fla.

Originally from Long Beach Island, N.J., Titus has wrestled in Ring of Honor, Maryland Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Syndicate, Kyda Pro, National Wrestling Superstars, Chikara and Full Impact Pro.

• What does being part of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup mean to you, and what did you know of Jeff before you were invited to be part of the event?

Titus: “The story of Jeff Peterson is a really a sad one to me. I remember reading an article about him in PWI back when I was a fan and it being very inspirational. I am very honored and excited to be a part of this tournament. I’ll be even happier when Rhett Titus wins this tournament and adds another one to his collection.”

• You were trained by two established Ring Of Honor stars, Austin Aries and American Dragon Bryan Danielson. Discuss what was a day in their training regimen like and how did it shape you as a person?

Titus: “I started my training with Austin Aries at the age of 17. We would do pushups, hindu squats, bench press, squats and sprints everyday. There were only two guys in my class — myself and Mitch Franklin. We did that workout regimen everyday, until we started getting into the ring, and we would get pummeled to oblivion by all the other guys at the school.

‘Aries had the philosophy of, `I am your wrestling trainer. I’m not here to be your personal trainer,’ which I wholeheartedly agreed with. But if I ever had any sort of personal problem, Aries was a very approachable guy and became more than a trainer to us but a friend as well.

‘Bryan had some different approaches to training, and he would try to physically break you each and every time you were there. It was basically the same workout regimen Aries had but just a whole lot more. More squats, more pushups and more running. I remember one day when Bryan asked us what exercise we wanted to do, and being the smart %$# I am, I said,
`jumping jacks.’ Bryan proceeded to have us do jumping jacks for 15 minutes. Needless to say no one at the school was happy with me that day.

“I dreaded going to training at the time and hated training with Bryan. But in the end it just made me a more dedicated wrestler, and I wound up learning some cool unique things from Bryan as well.”

• Some would say you are one of the cockiest and arrogant wrestlers in ROH, actually adding your name to the 80s classic song Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer. Comments?
Titus: “I’d be hard-pressed not to agree that Rhett Titus is in fact the cockiest wrestler in all of ROH. As for being arrogant, I think people have a bit of a misconception on me. I am very confident. Confidence comes with being good at what you do, and brother, Rhett Titus is great at what he does, and he knows it.

“Therefore people take him as being arrogant. Does Rhett Titus and his humble self sound arrogant to you? I think not, and as for the music, believe it or not, about two weeks ago I got a call from a number I didn’t know.

‘I was a little skeptical about picking it up, but Rhett Titus said, `Why not, and who was it?’ None other than Robert Palmer himself. He wanted to thank Rhett Titus for bringing his 80s classic back into today’s culture, and he proclaimed that the album is selling again, and it is all thanks to Rhett Titus. He is currently in talks with my agent about doing a remix of the song. So look out for that.”

Interviewer’s note: Robert Palmer died of a heart attack in 2003.

• In ROH, you had a series of matches with former Peterson Cup competitor Delirious involving his lady friend, Daizee Haze. Going so far as to have her face airbrushed on your tights. Is that your favorite feud in your career, or is there one that tops that in your mind?

Titus: “I am still dumbfounded as to why Delirious doesn’t like me so much. He should have known he didnt have a chance with Daizee Haze, nevermind the fact that Rhett Titus was involved in the picture. He may have bloodied me a bit, but you know what brother, Rhett Titus gets to see each and every part of Daizee Haze on my cell phone, everyday.

“Delirious never even caught a glimpse. So, yeah, that would be my favorite feud. Another one of my favorites would be my epic battles with Nicky Oceans for the Jersey Shore title. Rhett Titus chased his title for well over a year, but due to time limits and disqualifications of that sort, he was able to hold onto the title until we wrestled at my high school in May where I defeated him for the title.”

• A background check on you revealed a video on YouTube of your ring introduction with Ru Paul’s Supermodel playing over it. Have you seen it, and what do you think of the fans reaction to you over your career?

Titus: ‘Actually, the guy, who made it, e-mailed it to me, and I got to check it out. Interesting little video that made me chuckle. As for the fans’ reactions to me, I could really give a crap about what the majority of the fans think of me. Rhett Titus doesn’t worry about how many stars some fat pig gave me. Rhett Titus only concentrates on a small demographic of the fans, and that’s the ladies, brother. As long as they are all screaming when I enter the ring, all is gravy baby.”

• The Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup is Friday, Sept. 26 at The New Lakes in the Regency Park Civic Center, 8330 Civic Dr., Port Richey, Fla. and Saturday, Sept. 27 at the Brooksville National Guard Armory, 16386 Springhill Dr., Brooksville, Fla.

The participants are Addicted To Love Rhett Titus (Ring of Honor), Gran Akuma (Chikara Pro), Jigsaw (Ring of Honor), Campus Legend Brad Attitude (former WWE development), Jaison Moore (Pro Wrestling Riot), Craig Classic (Big Japan Pro Wrestling), Nooie Lee (GEAR), Sweet and Sour Larry Sweeney (Ring of Honor/FIP), Kenny King (Ring of Honor/FIP), Sal Rinauro (Ring of Honor/G.E.A.R.), C.J. O’Doyle (Pro Wrestling Riot), Erick Stevens (Ring of Honor/Full Impact Pro), Tommy Taylor (former WWE Development), Jon Davis (Believe/D1PW), Chris Jones (Pro Wrestling Fusion) and Chris Gray (former WWE development).

The Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup in conjunction with the Tammie Hamaoui Foundation, Pro Wrestling Riot, World Wrestling Network and will be running this year’s tournament as fundraiser for Port Richey 2-year-old Devin Deschaine and his mom.
She is single and needs help paying the bills. He also has a few upcoming procedures his insurance won’t cover.

Devin is in Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer. About 600 children in the country will be diagnosed with Neuroblastoma each year. About 30 percent will survive.
In November 2002, independent wrestling star Jeff Peterson lost his long battle with cancer. On May 16, 2003, the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, a 16-competitor tournament in honor of the fallen star, debuted in Florida.

Previous winners of the annual tournament are Reckless Youth Tom Carter, Justice, Chris Sabin, Milano Collection AT and Chris Hero.

To purchase tickets or to make donations, go to

2008 Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup

“The Wrestler” wins top award at the Venice Film Festival.

thewrestler.jpgDarren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler”, was awarded the Golden Lion on Saturday, the top award at the Venice Film Festival.

Mickey Rourke stars as Randy “the Ram” Robinson, an aging wrestler attempting a return to the big show and has put in a performance that critics describe as ‘iconic.’ The movie was co-produced by Wild Bunch in Fance, where Rourke still has fans, but is still an American movie to the bone. Mirisa Tomei stars as Cassidy, Robinson’s love interest and Evan Rachel Wood stars as Stephanie, Robinson’s estranged daughter.

“The Wrestler” features a lot of ROH footage and many of your favorite ROH stars. Bruce Springsteen wrote the closing song for the movie.

So, does this mean it’s okay for the Rock to admit he used to wrestle?

Go Shiozake becomes FIP World Heavyweight Champion

go-shiozaki.jpgOn August 23, 2008 at the FIP Heatstroke 2008, Go Shiozake defeated Erick Stevens in Crystal River, Fl to win the FIP World Heavyweight Title in an epic match of the year candidate. Shiozaki’s first major title victory has apparently generated considerable coverage in Japan and ‘Sweet & Sour’ agent Larry Sweeney took full advantage of the hype to demand to ROH officials to have FIP Title defenses in ROH.

Pro Wrestling NOAH star Go Shiozaki not only took a title, the following Monday he had a tryout dark match with WWE before RAW. Go Shiozaki defeated Carlito in less than three minutes. The wrestling observer newsletter reports that WWE is passing on Shiozaki after watching him work the match, with Vince McMahon apparently stating that Shiozaki is “Too Asian”.

Nothing comes easy for 26 year old Shiozaki, out of Japan. Shiozaki has been building a career on valiant efforts and perseverance, so don’t think WWE first impression of Shiozaki is the end of the line.

Go Shiozaki entered the NOAH dojo in 2003 and became a protégé of legend Kena Kobashi. The two teamed together to great success, the biggest match the two had was winning against Kensuke Sasaki and his protégé Katsuhiko Nakajima, a match that received critical acclaim. In 2006 Shiozaki fractured his jaw against KENTA and began to lose in a series of valiant efforts against the biggest names of the company. Go Shiozaki’s break to upper midcard talent came after pinning Ricky Marvin.

Shiozaki premiered with NOAH’s sister promotion, Ring of Honor during ROH’s August 2006 tour of England. Since coming over to ROH, Shiozaki made a series of unsuccessful bids for titles- against ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness, one bit for the World Tag Team championship in a one night tournament and a second unsuccessful bid against McGuinness.

Shiozaki joined Larry Sweeney’s Sweet N’ Sour Inc. faction on June 28, 2008.

(thanks wikipedia)

Official Results for Battle Angels The Last Stand PPD 2008

thelaststand1.jpgBattle Angels™ The Last Stand PPD 2008 Results
Watch the event now available at

Sensational Sam Sexton def. “The Extreme Diva” Suicide via “New Sensation” then Pinfall
Click here to watch this match!!!

Tina Lockhart def. Vanessa “The Mountain” Kraven via “Diva Killer” then Pinfall
Click here to watch this match!!!

Lacey Von Erich def. SoCal Valerie via Von Erich Iron Claw tapout
Click here to watch this match!!!

Jessicka Havoc def. “New Comer” Racquel Colon via Munic Stretch tapout
Click here to watch this match!!!

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Ringdivas News: Battle Angels presents The Last Stand 2008 PPD

0631.jpgSuicide vs. Sam Sexton World Title Grudge Match, For the first time ever Tina Lockhart vs. Vanessa Kraven, Lacey Von Erich in action, SoCal Valerie, Jessicka Havoc and new comer Racquel Colon all in crystal clear High Definition! Dont miss this unbelievable event!!!

If you need to catch up on the women wrestling action leading into The Last Stand, just click here to view other articles featuring Battle Angels.

Battle Angels “The Last Stand” 2008 DVD or VHS


AVAILABLE- “Womens World Champion” Sam Sexton vs. Suicide

AVAILABLE- “FightGirl World Champion” Tina Lockhart vs. “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven

AVAILABLE- Lacey Von Erich vs. “TNA Superstar” SoCal Valerie

AVAILABLE- Racquel Colon vs. “Former FightGirl World Champion” Jessicka Havoc


dvd38ed.jpgReviewed by Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson of

Best Shoot Interview Ever. As you should be well aware by now, You Shoot has taken the traditional shoot interview to new levels, and when I sat down to write this review, I felt like I was becoming a broken record, as my 2 previous You Shoot DVD reviews were very complimentary. The Honky Tonk Man set the bar high with his over the top comments, Missy Hyatt somehow topped him with her unique blend of craziness, and now The Sandman has blown them all out of the water so forgive me as I mark out a bit for the 2 hours and 20 minutes of Hak Insanity.
The Sandman tells us right off the bat that he will try to be the next Rush Limbaugh, and takes time during the shoot to talk 9/11 conspiracy theories, the status of economy in the US right now and how to not pay your IRS bills, and I know your probably saying what the hell? Isn’t this The Sandman from ECW and WWE? The guy who gets drunk and smacks people upside the head with a cane? , Why would he be touching on such topics? Well believe it or not some people in this world wanted to hear him speak on that, and they were geniuses because his drunken rants not only make odd sense but top off what is another unique installment of this DVD series. Beyond that As you can also expect Hak does touch on all the subjects your used to as well. From the original ECW, to his time in the WWE, and all the sex drugs and rock n roll in between.
Sandman is in fine form to say the least as the beer cans pile up through the piece and he surprisingly opens up and becomes rather candid at times, nearly bringing himself to tears as he recounts the time his 7 year old son saw the incident where Hak got naked during an ECW show in Pensacola, Florida, calling it the lowest point of his career, not the incident itself, but living with it years later when his son got to see it on DVD. This is just one of many skeletons in The Sandman’s closet that he eludes to during this DVD, and although its hilarious and entertaining, it also provides another look in at the life of the sandman, and gives you at least a peak at why he has soured on the business a bit over the last year or so.
As always the supporting stars of You Shoot DVD’s are the fans who take the time to email and videotape questions for the shoot, and once again we don’t get let down, Whether it be a old man named madness cutting a promo on the sandman, or a topless drunk guy asking Sandman which of his valets he has had sexual encounters with, and which orifi he penetrated. You get it all, plus the game feature of the you shoot series, which was introduced in the last volume with Missy Hyatt as Sandman plays “The Ho-Bag”, where he is to rate chicks in the business from 1 to 10, 1 being in the ho bag, but somewho that turned into ripping into Ariel, and rating girls with “ tottaly cool“ , “thumbs up” and “who’s that “, again he’s rather buzzed filming this. Sandman also plays “Whats in the bag” – A “substance” related game, and not surprisingly a lot of his stuff is in the bag.
Leading up to the release of the DVD, the guys at Kayfabe Commentaries warned fans that for the first time in the you shoot series they were forced to edit some content out for the sake of time and although that may upset some who got left out, I think the run time and editing worked out perfectly, and as this series continues to grow in popularity, it’s only gonna get harder for the editing team to deal with what to use and not to use, luckily for the fans of these DVD’s, the editing team really knows what their doing and continue to put out great products.
To put a final word on this, Sandman is brutally honest throughout this DVD, he holds no punches, revealing his hatred for Jeff Jarrett, touching on Tod Gordon’s fetishes that exist to this day, and all the hilarious drug stories along the way, making this an absolute must watch!
You Shoot with The Sandman is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy head on over to and to read my previous DVD reviews check out

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