Vickie leaves the WWE, Umaga future endeavoured

rawlogo2020.jpgLast week WWE fans were shocked by the unexpected release of Mr. Kennedy and now this week WWE has come to terms with the Samoan bulldozer Umaga. While our source reports Umaga is telling everyone he quit, speculation is that Umaga has had his third strike with the wellness program.

Another surprise from yesterday’s RAW is Vickie’s announced retirement from the WWE. Looks like this isn’t a hoax, folks. Eddie’s widow quit as raw general manager on last nights show.

After her announcement, Edge came out and roasted her, telling her he wants a divorce. Vickie has rave reviews for her on-screen heel persona and marriage to edge, but now Vickie is made good money and wants to spend more time with her daughters. Vickie may make another appearance on Smackdown to tie up loose ends, but word is she’ll be gone by the end of the month.

Reports are that Batista has undergone surgery for his bicep and will be out of action for 4 to 6 months. Batista was taken out by legacy on last night’s Raw and his title has now been vacated. There will be a four-way at next Week’s Raw for the vacant WWE title: Randy Orton versus John Cena versus Triple H versus The Big Show.

Rumours are CM Punk is turning heel. The main event being advertised for the WWE super show on July 24 and the 25th is Big Show and CM Punk versus Rey Mysterio and John Cena.

CM punk will be up against edge for the world heavyweight title next week on raw.

Tommy dreamer will defend the ECW title against Christian.

RingDivas PPD DivaRumble update

rd_hotnews-001-030309.jpgFrom RingDivas,

We have felt the anticipation from the fans and we are proud to announce that the date for the return of the blockbuster PPD event DivaRumble™ has been set. Our very first champion was crowned after winning the DivaRumble™ and now you have a chance to witness history on Saturday March 14th as we find out who will win the opportunity to headline Divamania™ in the main event and get to challenge for the Womens World Championship!!!

The first competitor has been announced and its a blockbuster! Fan favorite RingDivas® Superstar Racquel Colon is the first choice to participate in the 2009 Diva Rumble. We got a chance to catch up with Racquel and she is extremely excited for the opportunity to compete and a chance to win and go on to headline Divamania to face World Champion Suicide for her Womens World Championship title. Stay tuned as we will be announcing new participants each day leading up to the rumble!!!


Wrestlmania 25 watch, Monday RAW recap

wm25.jpgShawn Michaels talks to the crowd about wrestling Undertaker. Shawn says that Undertaker’s 16-0 streak is impressive. Shawn says he sent Undertaker some videos of his career highlightsthat to show Undertaker that he’s no slouch at show stopping performances. Shawn says he respects the Undertaker, but isn’t afraid of him.

The lights dim and an Undertaker promo runs on the screen. The cameras cut back to Shawn leaning on the ropes with Undertaker behind him! Shawn says, “Hello, Undertaker, I’ve been expecting you.” The two trade words in the ring and Undertaker promises to take Shawn’s soul at WrestleMania now that’s he’s opened Hell’s gates.

JBL defeated CM Punk to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Randy Orton just couldn’t keep his hands off the Game. He and the Legacy attacked HHH and Randy kicked HHH in the head on last week’s SmackDown! On Monday’s Raw, Randy Orton was interviewed back him with his wife and says he’s quite proud of his self control to stop right there. Randy says he’s confident Triple H will show at WrestleMania and confident he’ll show at Raw. Randy warns that every time Triple H turns up, he will take a little more out of the Game, leaving just enough for WrestleMania. There’s more….

Vickie Guerrero has officially confirmed a 25 Diva Battle Royal at Wrestlemania featuring divas from Raw, SmackDown, ECW and past WWE Divas. The winner will be the 1st ever “Miss. WrestleMania”.

Edge and Big Show officially signed for the WrestleMania 25 World Championship Contract on RAW Out comes John Cena who promptly confesses his love for Vickie and then signs the contract and leaves the ring. Edge tells Vickie to snap out of it- Cena doesn’t love her, he’s confusing her- and Cena admits it’s true. Then Cena shows Big Show and Vickie sharing a kiss in the Office, taken courtesy of friends at last week’s show, which happens to be his home town. Edge is pissed and Big Show quietly leaves the ring to Edge and a crying Vickie.

We got to see the first Divas Champion vs. Women’s Champion match ever on Monday’s Raw. All the Divas from both shows are there. Maryse picks up a victory over Melina after a misstep by the Women’s Champion. Rosa Mendes goes for Melina after the match, leading to a brawl that ends with the faces inside and the heels tossed out of the ring.

Congratulations to former WWF superstar Koko B for being confirmed at RAW for the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame class!

Christian fans who are worried that Christian may not be utilized by WWE relax! Christian paired up with Rey Mysterio and Finlay to take on World Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison and Kan on Monday’s Raw. We also have a spoiler for ECW- Christian has qualified for the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania 25 by defeating Chavo Guerroro Jr. on Tuesday’s ECW.

Did we mention that big talker Orton spent RAW safe back home with the family? Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were schedules for a handicap match with an irate HHH- but the game no shows! Orton’s on the screen telling a celebrating Legacy they have nothing to smile about, as Hunter not showing tonight means he may not show for WrestleMania.

Then the doorbell rings.

Orten tells his very hot wife Samantha to answer the door and then tells her not to answer. Doesn’t make a difference to HHH with a sledgehammer! HHH smashes down the door and stalks Orton’s home, looking for Orton. Orton tries to ambush HHH with a golf club and gets slammed into a lamp, a wall and then Orton gets thrown through a window! The police arrive and arrest HHH while holding back Orton as the show goes off the air! That, is an absolutely awesome RAW finish!

The build up to WrestleMania continues!

25 Diva Royal Rumble for WrestleMania 25?

wm25.jpgWWE has all but confirmed that there are plans in the works for a 25-diva Battle Royal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania next month. WWE has only 18 active Divas on the roster and a few of them are still pretty green to be wrestling at a Main Event at WrestleMania, so expect WWE to fill out the vacent spots on the card with former WWE Divas. That means, for everyone out there who thought that the WWE Diva division peaked in 2003, maybe here’s your chance to watch that most excellent roster meet in the squared circle one more time.

Trish Stratus will most likely be involved. Torrie Wilson confirmed that WWE asked her to be part of the event. Torrie Wilson also confirmed in her myspace blog that former WWE diva Victoria has been contacted to wrestle. This may be a great way to have Gail Kim reintroduced. We would love to see Gail repeat her first WWE debute by winning the Rumble and begin feuding with Maryse for the Divas Championship.

There’ll be no keeping WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young from being there.

Women wrestling fans are speculating that Molly Holly, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, Jazz, Amy “Lita” Dumas, Ashley Massaro and Chyna and others will be approached over the coming days.


Final Card for TNA “Genesis”



“The War Machine” Rhino vs. (c) “The Icon” Sting

TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett vs. Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle

Mick Foley, AJ Styles & Brother Devon vs. Legends Champion Booker T, Kevin Nash and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Beer Money vs. Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. (c) Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed

Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley

Christy Hemme vs. (c) Awesome Kong

Referee Shane Sewell vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

TNA Spin Cycle Christmas Edition

2008 Impact Recap Review!

img_1457.jpgTNA used the final episode of Impact in 2008 New Year’s Eve to look back on an incredible 2008. The night’s main event featured the first title defense of 2009, as Beer Money Inc. defend the tag belts against LAX.

Mike Tenay and Don West start the show on the entrance ramp and hype what’s on tap for this reflection episode of Impact. They also tout the tag team championship main event match between Beer Money Inc. and LAX.

1) Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett – Guest Enforcer: Mick Foley

In this match from TNA’s Bound For Glory 2008 PPV, Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA and Mick Foley had his first TNA PPV. The match itself was really good, going back and forth throughout. After a ref bump and a few chair shots from Kurt Angle, Foley got involved, unleashing Mr. Socko on the Olympic Gold Medalist and sending him into a guitar shot that earned Jarrett the victory.

Winner Via Pinfall – Jeff Jarrett

After the commercial break, a package was shown on the TNA Knockouts division, as well as the feud between Awesome Kong and Gail Kim.

2) TNA Knockouts Championship Match – Awesome Kong w/ Riesha Saeed vs. Gail Kim (C)

This was from a January 2008 broadcast of TNA Impact. Gail Kim took three Kong Bombs in this match that left her titleless and with a concussion. Gail Kim also put up a hell of a fight.This match began Kong’s first reign as TNA Knockouts Champion.

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion – Awesome Kong

3) TNA Heavyweight Championship MMA Rules Six Sides of Steel Match – Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle (C)

This was from TNA’s Lockdown 2008 PPV. For weeks leading up to the match, vignettes were shown of Samoa Joe training under MMA conditions for the MMA rules that the match was being contested under. This was an excellent match that was capped off with Samoa Joe landing a Muscle Buster on Kurt Angle and earning his first TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW TNA Heavyweight Champion – Samoa Joe

Mike Tenay and Don West were shown in the ring, hyping the rest of the show and the TNA Tag Team Championship main event.

4) TNA Heavyweight Championship Match – AJ Styles vs. Sting (C)

This was from TNA’s Turning Point 2008 PPV. This match was built around the Main Event Mafia vs. Frontline feud which is currently still going on in TNA, making this an excellent selection to round out the recap portion of this Impact episode. After a hard fought match, Sting walked away with the victory and retained the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA Heavyweight Champion – StingBack from another commercial break, a package was shown on TNA’s tag team division, as well as Beer Money Inc’s rising within the ranks and the return of LAX.

Mike Tenay and Don West hyped the TNA Tag Team Championship match, then pitched it to the ring for live action.

5) TNA Tag Team Championship Match – LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) vs. Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) w/ Jackie Moore (C)

LAX was hot out the gate and took the fight right to Beer Money Inc, with Homicide hitting a Tope Con Hilo, then reaching into the beer cooler to grab some refreshments. Back from the commercial break, Beer Money Inc. had things going their way, distracting referee, Earl Hebner, and forcing a tag to Hernandez to go unseen. Eventually, Homicide made the hot tag and the match broke down, with both teams scoring several near falls. LAX had the match won, but Jackie Moore distracted Hebner, allowing Robert Roode to send Homicide into a steel chair shot that knocked him, giving Beer Money Inc. the pinfall victory.

Winners Via Pinfall and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions – Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode)

The show concluded with a highlight package that featured TNA’s greatest moments from 2008. All in all, a good episode that featured good match choices and served it’s purpose.


RingDivas offers the Ultimate Christmas Gift!

riseofthechampions2.jpgLooking for the ultimate gifl for a wrestling fan? Ring Divas has an unbelievable deal!

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(15-20 min) Pro Wrestling Custom Video

RingDivas News: Battle Angels™ Presents… CyberStorm HD 2008 Full Card!!!

ringdivasThe fans have spoken and now the official event card is finally here!!! In what will undoubtedly be the biggest main event in the history of this company, four of the top superstars in this organization will face off to decide which one woman will stand at the top of the mountain to call herself the UNDISPUTED WOMENS WORLD CHAMPION. Four will enter but only one will stand tall as the No.1 superstar in the company. Also in action, Battle Angels™ newcomer Jelena and Angel Dust along with the returning former Womens World Champion Vanessa Kraven!!! Don’t miss the upcoming Pay Per Download event exclusively available at

RingDivas Presents… CyberStorm HD 2008 (Sept 27th)
Don’t miss this event available at

“World Champion” Sensational Sam Sexton vs. “FightGirl Champion” Tina Lockhart
vs. “The German Giant” Jessicka Havoc vs. “The Extreme Diva” Suicide

“Former World Champion” Vanessa Kraven vs. Angel Dust

Racquel Colon vs. “World Champion” Sam Sexton

Jelena vs. “Former FightGirl Champion” Jessicka Havoc

What else has been happening at RingDivas in HD?

DOWNLOAD – Complete Destruction of Brooke (/w Empress Sayuri) Brooke Slaps Sayuri right off the back only to be low blow’ed for her disrespect. From that point on Sayuri takes control and destroyes Brooke. At the endo of the match to show her dominance, the Empress leashes Brooke and walks her like a dog around the ring. If that isn’t bad enough, Sayuri takes Brooke to the Entrance Ramp and SLAMS BROOKE THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE because of her insolence!!!

DOWNLOAD – Complete Destruction of SoCal Val Vol.2 (/w Sayuri) For the first time EVER only to be seen in a fantasy dream match, Battle Angels Superstar and newly crowned Womens World Champion Sayuri completely and utterly DESTROYS TNA Superstar SoCal Val!!! You have to see this to even believe how badly SoCal Val is man handled in this matchup!!! Watch TNA Superstar SoCal Val as she GETS SQUASHED!!!

DOWNLOAD – Gang Destruction of SoCal Val For the first time EVER only to be seen in a fantasy dream match, Battle Angels Superstars JOIN FORCES to DESTROY SOCAL VAL!!! Vanessa Kraven, Amy Love, and Tiana Ringer for one time only join forces and GANG UP to COMPLETELY DEMOLISH SOCAL VAL!!! You have to see this to even believe this Gang!!! Watch TNA Superstar SoCal Val as she GETS SQUASHED!!!

DOWNLOAD – RagDoll Vol.3 (Vanessa vs. Sayuri) For the SECOND TIME to be seen in a fantasy dream match, Battle Angels Superstar, the 6’3″ Undefeated Giant Vanessa Kraven DESTROYS SleeperGirls Sayuri!!! Sayuri passes out from the pain experienced from an extreme seated full nelson. She is completely knocked and rag dolled the rest of the match!!! Watch as Vanessa sadistically RagDolls, and humiliates Sayuri in her full fledge attack!!! Watch Sayuri GET SQUASHED by Vanessa Kraven!!!

Wondering what else you’ve missing from Ringdivas? For the best in women wrestling, featuring the sexiest and most dangerous women of wrestling, click here to view other articles featuring Battle Angels.

RingDivas News: Girls of War II

The long awaited sequel of the blockbuster hit RD Film “Girls of War” is finally here!!! Starring the ever popular Battle Angels™ Superstar Crystal Johnson. Don’t miss this unbelievable film with all of the great action you’re used to seeing from RD Films!!!

DVD – Girls of War II
DOWNLOAD NOW- Girls Of War II -Part 1.


Wondering what else you’ve missing from Ringdivas? For the best in women wrestling, featuring the sexiest and most dangerous women of wrestling, click here to view other articles featuring Battle Angels.

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