Hitler is angry about the 2009 WWE Draft

He’s passionate about Monday night RAW.

TNA: 2/12 Post Show With Sting, Nash, Steiner

JB has an incredible ability to capture the moment in the wrestling ring and bring it to the audience from an angle that’s fresh and insightful. JB’s the man! Here, in a nutshell is what went down this week in TNA iMPACT! and what it will lead to next week.

Post-TNA Impact footage with Jeremy Borash


What happened after TNA “iMPACT!” went off the air on Thursday night?

Jeremy Borash is back with more stylistic reporting on the TNA scene. This time, Jeremy shows us what happened after TNA went off the air, as he tries to get comments from “Bog Poppa Pump” Scot Steiner and “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams! The close up photage and the angle of the shot is pure gold, people.

New TNA “Spin Cycle” with the TNA wrestling referees


The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE referee Mickey Hensen has joined Mike Posey, Kevin Keenan, Time White and long time official Jim Korderas on the unemployment line. Meanwhile, TNA ‘Spin Cycle’ devoted an episode to honour their referees. Jeremy Borash is back with an all-new episode of “TNA Spin Cycle”, this time featuring the TNA referees of Earl Hebner, Shane Sewell, Rudy Charles and Mark Johnson!

That’s one for TNA in their endless struggle to take WWE down a peg.

Plus, more of The Beautiful People with “Dirty Laundry”

Bret Hart talks to Wrestleslam UK

The Wrestler Official Song By Bruce Springsteen

For everyone getting stoked about watching ‘The Wrestler’, we have the official song for the movie written by Bruce Springstein!

Lex Lugar Slowly Healing, Ernest”The Cat” Miller’s New Role

lugar931.jpgLex Lugar is still in a wheelchair, but has some limited feeling in both his legs and torso, and limited movement in both as well. He has made signifigant improvments, and is now able to hold a cup in his hands.
Ernest”The Cat” Miller has been selected to play boxer Ernie Shavers in the upcoming series entitled “The Legend of Bruce Lee”. The show is filmed in Cantonese and here’s the trailer.

Brock Lesnar Akebono Match

Remember the old days, when Brock Lesnar was just a wrestler? Well, we do: