Kafu Interview Update

logo6.jpgRecently we posted an interview, or what we thought was an interview with Kafu. It seems that the source of the interview was “suspect” and so we have removed the interview. Sorry for any confusion, but there is no point in reporting news if it’s incorrect. Thank you to the various people who commented and let Wrestling Confidential know whats up.

Gina Carano MMA Star

gina210011.jpgI came across an interesting article from The MMA News on Gina Carano, a MMA rising female star, and, i might add, hottie. Since there’s not too many sites with articles on MMA femme fatales, i thought i’d link it for everyone. Click Here

THE MMA News Up and Running

logo23321.jpgWe’ve had quite a few emails from people, wondering if we were going to cover MMA. Well, we are, and our new site, themmanews.com is now up and running. Check out all the latest news in the MMA game and special interviews you can only find at themmanews.com.

WomensWrestlingXposed Gets Image Galleries

logo22321.jpgJust some news from WomensWrestlingXposed.com. They now have a fair number of pics for some of the hottest wrestling women. Check out the current list: Read more »

Brand New Forum Launched at Women’s Wrestling Xposed – Join the Fun!

Kelly Kelly Getting XposedHey all! Just wanted to drop in and let you know that we have, after many weeks of debate, officially launched the Women’s Wrestling Xposed Forum!

Unlike most forums, the Women’s Wrestling Xposed Forum isn’t going to be ran by “post-Nazis” and “board whores”, so we hope this it will become a place for fans of women’s wrestling to gather and talk about their favorite ladies of the ring…without constantly being worried about being banned because you pissed off the wrong person. We’re all here just to have fun, right?

Also, the Women’s Wrestling Xposed Forum will be the first and only place to find out about all of the exciting contest that we will be running in the coming weeks. Wait, did he just say “contests”? Well…yeah, I did! Over the next few weeks, and hopefully for years to come, we will be giving away tons of women’s wrestling swag…everything from action figures to DVD’s to actual ring worn gear!

So what are you waiting for…head over to the Women’s Wrestling Xposed Forum and register today so you can get in on all of the fun!

And, We’re Back…Again!

Kelly KellyWell fans, it’s been a rough couple of months for The Ringmaster and the staff here at Women’s Wrestling Xposed…but we are glad to announce that as of today…we are officially back! We want to thank everyone who contacted us via e-mail and on various message boards to ask if everything was ok, and if we were going to return or not. Your kind words and loyalty are the main reason that we are back…and we greatly appreciate it!!

So fans, keep checking back, because we will be adding new content and constantly updated news. And once again, thanks to all of you that have stuck by us!! We love you all.