RingDivas PPD DivaRumble update

rd_hotnews-001-030309.jpgFrom RingDivas,

We have felt the anticipation from the fans and we are proud to announce that the date for the return of the blockbuster PPD event DivaRumble™ has been set. Our very first champion was crowned after winning the DivaRumble™ and now you have a chance to witness history on Saturday March 14th as we find out who will win the opportunity to headline Divamania™ in the main event and get to challenge for the Womens World Championship!!!

The first competitor has been announced and its a blockbuster! Fan favorite RingDivas® Superstar Racquel Colon is the first choice to participate in the 2009 Diva Rumble. We got a chance to catch up with Racquel and she is extremely excited for the opportunity to compete and a chance to win and go on to headline Divamania to face World Champion Suicide for her Womens World Championship title. Stay tuned as we will be announcing new participants each day leading up to the rumble!!!


RingDivas offers the Ultimate Christmas Gift!

riseofthechampions2.jpgLooking for the ultimate gifl for a wrestling fan? Ring Divas has an unbelievable deal!

CUSTOM MATCHES where you can choose your favorite RingDiva to star in a match, you WRITE THE SCRIPT and they produce it and send it to you! It’s easy and fun and can make the best BIRTHDAY PRESENT, CHRISTMAS GIFT, or other special occasion!

We highly recommend this for any fan of wrestling and remind you as you go forth to shop for that special gift this Christmas that time until ol’ Saint Nick makes his rounds is beginning to run down!

Ringdivas writes on their Custom Video package:

Write a script for the match of your dreams!!!

1) Pick your Custom Match Package.
2) E-mail your script to get it approved. webmistress@ringdivas.com
3) Checkout to Pay for your Package.

So you want to see the RingDivas doing whatever you want??? You write the storylines and pick the RingDivas. Moves can be whatever you want. Professional style wrestling, submission or catfighting. ITS YOUR CHOICE!!!

YOUR GIRLS, YOUR MATCH, YOUR CHOICE!!! Below you’ll find the options that are currently available for your custom match purchases, but you aren’t limited to just what is listed. More are being added daily, and if you have any suggestions please let us know!

Why Should you buy a custom match from RingDivas???

1) Two Camera Angle Shoots (Close up shots!!!) with Broadcast quality HD cameras.
2) The sexiest and hotest girls to ever step in the ring at your disposal.
3) Exclusive Talent that you will NEVER see as part of any other custom shoot.
4) KOs, SleeperHolds and Submissions. Its all up to you!!!
5) Have your choice of receiving your custom match as a DVD, VHS or Download.
6) Professional Lighting, Sound and Stage used to produce HD quality DVDs

(15-20 min) Pro Wrestling Custom Video

RingDivas News: Battle Angels™ Presents… CyberStorm HD 2008 Full Card!!!

ringdivasThe fans have spoken and now the official event card is finally here!!! In what will undoubtedly be the biggest main event in the history of this company, four of the top superstars in this organization will face off to decide which one woman will stand at the top of the mountain to call herself the UNDISPUTED WOMENS WORLD CHAMPION. Four will enter but only one will stand tall as the No.1 superstar in the company. Also in action, Battle Angels™ newcomer Jelena and Angel Dust along with the returning former Womens World Champion Vanessa Kraven!!! Don’t miss the upcoming Pay Per Download event exclusively available at RingDivas.com.

RingDivas Presents… CyberStorm HD 2008 (Sept 27th)
Don’t miss this event available at RingDivas.com

“World Champion” Sensational Sam Sexton vs. “FightGirl Champion” Tina Lockhart
vs. “The German Giant” Jessicka Havoc vs. “The Extreme Diva” Suicide

“Former World Champion” Vanessa Kraven vs. Angel Dust

Racquel Colon vs. “World Champion” Sam Sexton

Jelena vs. “Former FightGirl Champion” Jessicka Havoc

What else has been happening at RingDivas in HD?

DOWNLOAD – Complete Destruction of Brooke (/w Empress Sayuri) Brooke Slaps Sayuri right off the back only to be low blow’ed for her disrespect. From that point on Sayuri takes control and destroyes Brooke. At the endo of the match to show her dominance, the Empress leashes Brooke and walks her like a dog around the ring. If that isn’t bad enough, Sayuri takes Brooke to the Entrance Ramp and SLAMS BROOKE THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE because of her insolence!!!

DOWNLOAD – Complete Destruction of SoCal Val Vol.2 (/w Sayuri) For the first time EVER only to be seen in a fantasy dream match, Battle Angels Superstar and newly crowned Womens World Champion Sayuri completely and utterly DESTROYS TNA Superstar SoCal Val!!! You have to see this to even believe how badly SoCal Val is man handled in this matchup!!! Watch TNA Superstar SoCal Val as she GETS SQUASHED!!!

DOWNLOAD – Gang Destruction of SoCal Val For the first time EVER only to be seen in a fantasy dream match, Battle Angels Superstars JOIN FORCES to DESTROY SOCAL VAL!!! Vanessa Kraven, Amy Love, and Tiana Ringer for one time only join forces and GANG UP to COMPLETELY DEMOLISH SOCAL VAL!!! You have to see this to even believe this Gang!!! Watch TNA Superstar SoCal Val as she GETS SQUASHED!!!

DOWNLOAD – RagDoll Vol.3 (Vanessa vs. Sayuri) For the SECOND TIME to be seen in a fantasy dream match, Battle Angels Superstar, the 6’3″ Undefeated Giant Vanessa Kraven DESTROYS SleeperGirls Sayuri!!! Sayuri passes out from the pain experienced from an extreme seated full nelson. She is completely knocked and rag dolled the rest of the match!!! Watch as Vanessa sadistically RagDolls, and humiliates Sayuri in her full fledge attack!!! Watch Sayuri GET SQUASHED by Vanessa Kraven!!!

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RingDivas News: Girls of War II

The long awaited sequel of the blockbuster hit RD Film “Girls of War” is finally here!!! Starring the ever popular Battle Angels™ Superstar Crystal Johnson. Don’t miss this unbelievable film with all of the great action you’re used to seeing from RD Films!!!

DVD – Girls of War II
DOWNLOAD NOW- Girls Of War II -Part 1.


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RingDivas News: Cyberstorm 2008 PPD event voting begins this Monday!!!

0631.jpgRingDivas INC. is happy to announce that voting will begin this Monday for the annual fans choose the matches event Cyberstorm 2008!!!

Last year the fans chose to have then Womens World Champion Empress Sayuri go one-on-one against then FightGirl World Champion Amy Love to find out who would be the Undisputed Womens World Champion!!!

Click here to check out matches from Cyberstorm 2007!!!

What will the fans decide this year? Will we see the Womens World Championship and the FightGirl World Championship titles merged again??? You already know the answer because you pick the matches and you pick the participants!!!

Tune in next Monday to be a part of history!!! Vote on Cyberstorm 2008!!!


You’ve seen The Last Stand 2008 PPD and you want to catch up on RingDivas action. What else should you check out?

DOWNLOAD – RagDoll Vol.6 (SoCal Val vs. Amy Love) SoCal Valerie gets KO’ed merely seconds into the match up with a vicious Dragon Sleeper!!! Witness the only appearance of TNA Superstar SoCal Valerie in a RagDoll match!!! Watch SoCal Val GET SQUASHED by Amy Love!!!

DOWNLOAD – Ultimate Low Blows Vol.2 (Sam vs. Amber) World Champion Sam Sexton faces off with SchoolGurl Amber Van Buren in the most unbelievable low blow fantasy custom match!!!

DOWNLOAD – Ultimate Low Blows Vol.1 (Sam vs. SoCal) World Champion Sam Sexton faces off with TNA Superstar SoCal Valerie in the most unbelievable low blow fantasy custom match!

DOWNLOAD – Complete Destruction of SoCal Val Vol.3 (/w Vanessa) WATCH SOCAL GET COMPLETLY DESTROYED!!! Featuring: Shattered Dreams, Coke, Lift and Carry, Spine Buster Slam, Bearhug, Barefoot, RagDolling, Airplane Spin, Body Scissors, Suffocation, Camel Clutch, Hair Pull, Reverse Bearhug, Foot Stomp, Head Slam, and more!

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Official Results for Battle Angels The Last Stand PPD 2008

thelaststand1.jpgBattle Angels™ The Last Stand PPD 2008 Results
Watch the event now available at RingDivas.com

Sensational Sam Sexton def. “The Extreme Diva” Suicide via “New Sensation” then Pinfall
Click here to watch this match!!!

Tina Lockhart def. Vanessa “The Mountain” Kraven via “Diva Killer” then Pinfall
Click here to watch this match!!!

Lacey Von Erich def. SoCal Valerie via Von Erich Iron Claw tapout
Click here to watch this match!!!

Jessicka Havoc def. “New Comer” Racquel Colon via Munic Stretch tapout
Click here to watch this match!!!

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Ringdivas News: Battle Angels presents The Last Stand 2008 PPD

0631.jpgSuicide vs. Sam Sexton World Title Grudge Match, For the first time ever Tina Lockhart vs. Vanessa Kraven, Lacey Von Erich in action, SoCal Valerie, Jessicka Havoc and new comer Racquel Colon all in crystal clear High Definition! Dont miss this unbelievable event!!!

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Battle Angels “The Last Stand” 2008 DVD or VHS


AVAILABLE- “Womens World Champion” Sam Sexton vs. Suicide

AVAILABLE- “FightGirl World Champion” Tina Lockhart vs. “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven

AVAILABLE- Lacey Von Erich vs. “TNA Superstar” SoCal Valerie

AVAILABLE- Racquel Colon vs. “Former FightGirl World Champion” Jessicka Havoc

RingDivas News: Suicide gets her match only to be attacked, “The Mountain” Venessa Kraven returns!

0631.jpgHD Battle Angels™ is building for another blockbuster card for its fans!!! The Last Stand HD 2008 will be available Aug 16 for downloading! Don’t miss the upcoming Pay Per Download event in Crystal clear high definition exclusively available at RingDivas.com.

As we’ve previously reported, Suicide has vowed a rematch with Sam Sexton, but her request for a match with Sam Sexton had been denied. In a startling change of events, Jonathon Angel has reversed the committee decision and will allow Suicide to meet Sam Sexton at the upcoming PPD The Last Stand HD!

“Sensational” Sam Saxton was asked how she felt about the reversal and had this to say: “Suicide is nothing! She is a nobody. Who the hell has she beaten anyway? That pin on me-that was a fluke! She got lucky! Have you seen the laundry list of opponents that I’ve beaten?”

Sexton went on the say, “Suicide-honey- you ain’t got a snowballs’ chance in hell at The Last Stand- and you know it!”

What were Suicide’s thoughts on Sam Sexton at PPD The Last Stand HD Event? “So, Sam Sexton wanted to deliver a message to me by knocking me out with the title and giving me a concussion? Well I’ve got a message for you. At The Last Stand, I’m taking your title and I’m taking you out.”

Suicide may have the grudge match she wanted, but someone’s not playing fair! Suicide was later found beaten and unconscious in the staffrooms in back of the studio! The assailant hasn’t been found and the last we heard, Suicide was being taken to the hospital! The PPD’s only a few days away- will this impact Suicide’s matchup with Sam Sexton?

Tina Lockheart’s open challenged didn’t go the way Tina had planned! When Tina came out to make her open challenge, she explained that after beating all the Battle Angels, “a measuring stick is only accurate if tested” and opened the ring to whoever is willing to challenge her to her belt. Newcomer Julina came out to accept the challenge, only to have Tina trick her before the match even began! Just before Tina was about to use her finish on Julina, out comes Venessa Kraven! “The Mountain” has returned to Battle Angels! Craven chased Tina Lockheart out of the ring, leaving her belt behind!

Tina’s belt is in the possession of “The Mountain” Venessa Kraven! What is Tina going to have to do to get her belt back?

The Last Stand HD 2008 event will be August 16, this Saturday and we’re telling you, don’t miss out on the action! If you’re wondering what you’ve been missing at Ringdivas.com, here are some other matches you might want to check out.

DOWNLOAD – What If… Sayuri vs. Yubari (World Title Match) What if… The Grand Yubari got a title shot against her mentor the Empress Sayuri during the height of her RingDivas Career? Who would have emerged from this one-on-one battle as the Women’s World Champion? Well with our newest line of products “What If…” you get to see this question answered. Don’t miss this epic matchup between these two RingDivas Superstars!!!

DOWNLOAD – Ultimate Low Blows Vol.3 (Amber vs. Demon) First the first time ever in a custom matchup watch as the Machine completely DESTROYS poor Amber Van Buren with an unbelievable array of creative and DEVASTATING low blow maneuvers. Don’t miss this unbelievable match up as Amber Van Buren gets COMPLETELY DESTROYED!!!

DOWNLOAD – RagDoll Vol.7 (Crystal Johnson vs. Vanessa) Crystal Johnson steps into the ring for the very first time against the former Women’s World Champion Vanessa Kraven! Watch as Vanessa completely KO’s Crystal during the match but the carnage does not stop then! Vanessa Ragdolls and manhandles Crystal throughout the entire match!!!

DOWNLOAD – Ab Destruction of Tina Lockhart (Fantasy Custom) Ab Destruction of Tina Lockhart: Tina Lockhart debuts in her first custom match up for RingDivas.com as she has the unfortunate task of taking on the current Women’s World Champion Sensational Sam Sexton and FightGirl World Champion Jessicka Havoc. Watch as Tina Lockharts Abs is completely and utterly destroyed in this two-on-one handicap matchup

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RingDivas News: Alexa Lockhart Interview Now Online, Torture Rack Match Revealed

Ring DivasHey fans! I just wanted to let you know that Ring Divas has just posted the much anticipated audio interview with President of Media and Talent Relations, Alexa Lockhart.

Ms. Lockhart discusses several very interesting topics including…Empress Sayuri’s status in Ring Divas, Sayuri’s recent behavioral problems within the company and her punishment, the professionalism of the rest of the Ring Divas locker room, the success of Divamania, and much more.

And fans, the interview doesn’t end there, as Ms. Lockhart goes into great detail about that Torture Rack of Death match that will take place at Capital Punishment…including the rules (if you can call them rules) to this wild, brutal match. And yes…as promised…the two competitors who will be competing in the Torture Rack of Death match are revealed in this interview…and trust me when I say…you aren’t gonna freakin’ believe who they are! This is totally crazy!!

So fans, head over to RingDivas.com and listen to this awesome interview now! I swear, when you hear the names that will be in Capital Punishment’s main event, you won’t be disappointed…but you damn sure will be shocked!!

RingDivas News: Blockbuster Main Event to Be Announced Thursday

Ring DivasFans, we have just received word that our good friends over at Ring Divas will be making a blockbuster announcement this coming Thursday, June 7th, regarding the Main Event for their upcoming PPD, Capital Punishment, which will take place on June 23rd.

As most of you know by now, Ring Divas Capital Punishment will feature the first ever Torture Rack of Death match as the Main Event…but as of now…we don’t know who will be featured in this match. It could literally be anyone from the Champion Empress Sayuri to the hot newcomer Crystal Johnson…or any combination of the lovely ladies on the Ring Divas roster.

And fans, if you haven’t seen the Torture Rack of Death yet…you are in for a huge surprise! This contraption looks like it belongs in Medieval times…not a wrestling event. To see the device, which has to be right out of the Marquis de Sade’s worst nightmares, head over to RingDivas.com and check out the preview video. Warning though…this is not for the squeamish.

RingDivas.com…the hottest, toughest, and craziest chicks on the face of the Earth!

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