RCW Returns to Action on June 30th in Jackson, OH with Former WWE Champ

Just received a press release from my good buddy The Mastermind over at Revolutionary Championship Wrestling concerning their upcoming June 30th show in Jackson, Ohio. Now let me tell you, fans…if you like independent wrestling…there is none finer than RCW. I been following these guys since they started about 5 years ago, and I have been blown away from day one. These guys constantly bring in the big names…legends like “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, Ivan Koloff, Big Van Vader, Demolition Ax & Jerry “The King” Lawler just to name a few. Add to that, a bunch of the “up and coming” talent that has passed through the RCW doors has included “Wildcat” Chris Harris, Chad Allegra (now known as Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson in PWG), & the Hardcore F’N Icon Madman Pondo.

But fans, the best part about Revolutionary Championship Wrestling is that they don’t have to bring in the big names to put on one helluva show…they have enough home-grown talent to do that. Guys like RCW Champ Tank Runyon whose “take no prisoners” attitude has won him the respect of the crowd…or his main nemesis Trik Nasty who does a Swanton Bomb that makes Jeff Hardy stand up and say, “HOLY SHIT”! Or the man from Parts Unknown, Judas Thorn (who recently did a stint in Japan as one half of the Hane Bros.) who strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who is unlucky enough to step into his path or the ulta-violent Juggulator who has been “annihilating bitchboys” (his words…not mine) right and left the last few months. The list just keeps going though…guys like “American Idol” Dirk Extreme, who can not only sing…be can kick ass too, Randy “The King” Allen, a man that has held probably more championships than Ric Flair…and deserved every freaking one of them, the current Tag-Team Champs, Rated X, that can do things in the ring that are against the law…of gravity, and The Army of Darkness, Vile and Ricochet, a team that sounds like they should be tearing the heads off of kittens…but their break-neck style and undefeated streak have made them, along with their manager The Mastermind, one of the most cheered teams in the RCW. I’m telling you fans…Revolutionary Championship Wrestling is the future of pro wrestling…you can bank on that!

But enough with my rant (sorry…I just like to talk about great indy wrestling)…let’s get on with this press-release. On June 30th RCW will be presenting Injection 5: Shake, Rumble, & Roll at the Memorial Center in Jackson, OH…featuring the RCW Debut of former WWE Intercontinental Champion…The Honky Tonk Man! The official press release is below…


Revolutionary Championship Wrestling will be returning to the great city of Jackson, Ohio on Saturday June 30th with a bell time of 7:30pm. That night 3 Main Event caliber matches including former WWE Intercontinental Champion, “THE HONKY TONK MAN”. See below for ticket information.

On the Card:

Randy “The King” Allen vs. Carlton Kaz

Special 10 Man Tag-Team Match

Flash Fury, Nikki Tyler, “Omega” Aaron Draven, Ricochet, & Vile vs. Judas Thorn, Juggulator, Tyson Rogers, Chuck Chronic, & Wes Cannon

RCW TV Title: Triple Threat Match

Cyrus Poe (C) vs. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme vs. Ace Gigolo

RCW World Heavyweight Title Match

Tank Runyon (C) vs. Trik Nasty

Special Attraction Match

The Honky Tonk Man vs. "Your Reality" C.O. Hustler

2007 20-Man "Injection Rules" Rumble

The Rules on the Injection Rumble are as follows: 2 entrants start, every 2 minutes thereafter a new entrant enters until all 20 have entered. You can be eliminated at any time if you are thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the floor. Once there are 4 entrants left, the match becomes a Fatal 4-way Pinfall Match. At 3 entrants the next entrant can only be eliminated by submission. The Final 2 will compete in a NO DQ HARDCORE TABLE MATCH!. The Winner will receive a check for $15,000 plus a match of his choice at any time before the next annual Injection event. And the 20 entrants are:

Tank Runyon, Jackson’s own Flash Fury, Dirk Extreme, Nikki Tyler, Cyrus Poe, Aaron Draven, Trik Nasty, Tyson Rogers, Ace Gigolo, Wes Cannon, C.O. Hustler, Vile, Carlton Kaz, Ricochet, Randy Allen, Chuck Chronic, Judas Thorn, Earl Sanchez, Juggulator, & a Mystery Entrant

Card subject to change. Entrants are NOT in order, drawing to be held day of the event.

Tickets available: $10 Pre-show and $12 @ door (Kids 4 and under free!)
Jackson: MOM’S PIZZA
Portsmouth: Castle Comics, Front Row Video, Domino’s Portsmouth



Fans, trust me when I say that this is one show you don’t wanna miss. Hell…it’s a 5 hour drive for me to get to Jackson…but you can be damn sure that The Ringmaster will be sitting right there in the front row on June 30th to cheer on these amazing athletes! I wouldn’t miss this show for the world.