Woman detained in Mexican Pro Wrestlers deaths

wrestle.jpgThe Associated Press is reporting Police have detained a woman in the deaths of two professional wrestlers who were found drugged in a low-rent hotel in the Mexican capital, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The 65-year-old suspect is one of two women caught on surveillance video leaving the victims’ hotel room, Mexico City prosecutors said in a statement.

The statement said an autopsy on the two wrestlers, who were brothers, detected a substance found in eye drops that can damage the nervous system when mixed with alcohol.

One of the diminutive wrestlers went by the name “La Parkita” — or “Little Death” — and wore a skeleton costume in the ring. The other was known as “Espectrito Jr.”

Prosecutors said previously that gangs of female robbers are experienced at using drugs to knock men out and rob them, but they may have used too strong a dose in this instance.

That may have been because of the wrestlers’ small stature, although larger men have also died in similar crimes.

Police located the suspect by tracing calls from a cell phone belonging to one of the victims, the statement said. She was arrested Tuesday.

Nick Hogan sentenced to 8 months, Will Kurt Wrestle Sunday?, Saturday Night Main Event back, Steve Austin inducted, Psicosis deported

hulkblackaaf.jpgIn an emotional scene played out in court today, Nick Bollea, Hulk Hogan’s son, has been sentenced to 8 months jail time after pleading no contest to the felony charge of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury. Before sentencing Nick, Judge Philip Federico explained, “There’s no magic answer, no perfect way to do it.” Nick- his face immobile during sentencing- will be serving his time at Pinellas County jail, followed with five years probation, 500 hours community service, three years driving license suspension, DUI School and nearly $7,000 in fines. Nick has 30 days to appeal the decision and his sentence started immediately after the ruling.

The Hogan family still faces a civil suit from the Graziano’s.

For a complete article describing the events in the court room as they played out, click here.

Here’s a further update on Kurt Angle’s neck injury. Sources say Kurt Angle did not wrestle at TNA’s house show in Barre, VT. Angle injured his neck when he was dropped incorrectly during a match in Seoul, South Korea and said after the event that he would need to be evaluated by a doctor when he returned to the United States. Kurt Angle is still expected to wrestle on Sunday’s Sacrifice PPV.

Saturday Night’s Main Event is going to return to NBC on August 2nd, in a one-hour format starting at 9pmET.

On August 4th, 2008, Monday Night Raw will be held at the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee. Apparently, Knoxville hasn’t hosted a televised WWE event since 2003.

There’s a rumor that internal discussions are underway to select Steve Austin as the headline act to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame next year in Houston, TX.

Apparently, Psicosis was recently deported back to Mexico after being caught attempting to cross U.S./Mexican border with invalid paperwork. The former WCW and WWE superstar tried to use tourist papers to gain access to the U.S. to work an independent show.

Orlando Jordan talks about his match with Ultimate Warrior, Ted DiBiase Jr moving up, Nick Hogan not fighting criminal charges, Start your lucha libra career

orlando-jordan.jpgApparently, Orlando Jordan thinks the Ultimate Warrior is just jealous of his playboy lifestyle!
Nu-Wrestling Evolution Champion Orlando Jordan spoke about his huge match against the Ultimate Warrior on June 25th in Barcelona, Spain, recently, on his audio show “Club OJ” on ClubWWI.com. Orlando claims he accepted the challenge of the Warrior in order to prove his place in history. OJ goes on to say he respects the Ultimate One’s history and that ‘his time is done’.
Quotes from show:
(on Ultimate warrior’s jealousy of him) “Of course. What married man doesn’t walk by, walking through the airport and stuff, walking through a park and stuff, and see the hottest girls and think to themselves, “Damn. If I wasn’t married.” So sure. Why not? I keep some of the hottest ladies and the hottest people around the world around me. My company and stuff. Everything I do, I do it big time. So, it’s why not? I think he might just be a little jealous of Orlando Jordan.”
“Definitely. Little Warriors and stuff? That’s great but I got a franchise Club all around the world, man. Club OJ. June 25th, after it’s all said and done, we’re gonna have the after party and I said, in my area and section and stuff, drinks are on me.”

You can go to ClubWWI.com for the show.

Sources say Ted DiBiase Jr is scheduled to be brought up to the Smackdown roster soon. DiBiase Jr. is currently training in Tampa with Florida Championship Wrestling and he will be fighting in the Smackdown dark match May 9 against Jamie Noble.

Nick Hogan will not fight the criminal charges he faces in a crash that critically injured a friend. Rumour is he will either plead guilty or no contest in court Friday. No deal has been struck with prosecutors and by entering an “open plea,” the judge has complete leeway in his sentencing. Hogan could get up to five years in prison.

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(source www.asylum.com)

Konnan Update

konnan201.jpgsource: Gerwick.net
Cuban born wrestling Superstar and legend Carlos Ashenoff better known by his in ring name through out the world as ” Konnan ” is going back home to the City Of Miami and South Florida to take care of business, professional wrestling business that is.

Konnan who recently departed from TNA and is back down in Mexico running things for the popular Lucha Libre company, AAA ( Triple A ) has now aligned himself with a new South Florida wrestling organization, the IWZ ” Independent Wrestling Zone “, his involvement with the IWZ is deep, Konnan will be bringing his creative and vast experience to the IWZ along with another fellow Cuban who’s background is in the film, music and events promoting industry. Read more »

Two TNA Stars Quit Before Last Nights Taping

TNAKonnan and Ron Killings have quit working for TNA. Neither of which is that big of a surprise.

We reported several weeks back that TNA management halted the push of LAX. The reason given was that they needed a bigger commitment from Konnan. Konnan has openly stated that he is more committed to AAA than he is to TNA. With the fear of relying on someone who could leave at any time, management decided to drop LAX from being the hottest act in TNA to being a low midcard tag team.

Killings’ departure is even less of a surprise. While he was taking a couple of months away from the ring to recover from an injury, he made statements proclaiming his unhappiness with the company. It was actually quite a surprise to see Killings booked at the last minute for a match at Slammiversary.

Killings also made headlines recently due to an altercation with WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena at an airport in North Carolina.

The loss of Killings isn’t going to hurt TNA too badly because he hasn’t really been a part of the main event scene for a while now. No word on whether or not the WWE would be interested in bringing him back. Killings is a talented worker when motivated, so anything is possible.

Losing Konnan is a big blow to TNA. His involvement with LAX made him one of the bright spots in TNA. His gimmick was quite popular with the internet wrestling community. Konnan has a lot of friction with WWE management, so a return there is highly unlikely.

According to reports, both wrestlers will begin working for AAA.

Mexican-Style Wrestling Lights Up the NJ Italian-American Meeting Hall

CLIFTON, NJ — Mexican-style wrestling and two of its most famous masked “luchadores,” or wrestlers, debuted in New Jersey at an unlikely venue Saturday night: The Italian-American Family Association.

Call it “Ay, oh,” meets “Dale! Duro!” (“Give it to him,” “Hard!”)

About 150 adults and children showed up to see 60-something “lucha libre” legends Mil Mascaras (1,000 Masks) – Mexico’s Hulk Hogan, according to some — and Dos Caras (Two Faces) battle it out in the association’s assembly hall, decorated with the coat of arms of Italian states.

The event, organized by the National Wrestling Alliance and featuring 32 wrestlers and 12 matches, will be televised on the Dish Network next month, said Rick Otazu, of the alliance.

Because of dwindling membership, the local Italian-American association, founded in 1909, has had to lease the hall for outside events.

“As time changed and enrollment dropped, we had to keep things afloat,” said the association’s hall rentals manager, Bryan LoRe, who confessed he knows zilch about “lucha libre.”

The all-male association today has 150 members, down from 300 in the 1930s through the ’60s, he said.

LoRe had rented the 250-person capacity hall to an American-style wrestling match event before, and MTV filmed a video there once.

But Saturday night’s event was the oddest the association has hosted, he said.

Audience members included Mexicans living in Clifton and Passaic, and non-Mexicans such as Jeff Paitchell, 24, who said he and his buddy spotted a poster advertising “The Legends of Lucha” at a video game store earlier in the day.

“Me and my friend Sean had nothing better to do,” said Paitchell, wearing a Steely Dan T-shirt.

Others came from as far as Virginia to see “Mil” in the flesh, er, black-and-iridescent mask and platinum calf-high boots.

Tom Alvarez, 34, from Trenton, was the only lucky wrestler in the event scheduled to battle the two Mexican legends.

“It’s like being an actor and in Hollywood, just starting, and getting to act with Robert DeNiro or Jack Nicholson,” said Alvarez, aka “Dirty Don Montoya” who said he works by day as a secretary at the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital and spends his vacation and sick days wrestling.

The Mexican-born population of North Jersey is growing, and that’s creating a market for “lucha libre,” or Mexican-style professional wrestling, characterized by more acrobatic moves than U.S. professional wrestling, said Otazu.

In 2000 — the most recent year the U.S. Census has this specific data — there were 15,187 Mexicans living in Passaic County. The data doesn’t include undocumented residents.

Otazu said the Saturday night match was the second time in history “lucha libre” came to New Jersey.

The association has held “lucha libre” matches in the southwestern states, which typically draw audiences of 3,000 to 10,000 people, he said.

Of the venue, Otazu said he didn’t think much of the culture clash.

“It’s just a venue that holds right amount of people and has a high enough ceiling,” he said.

For Bruno Fontani, 84, it all made perfect sense. He manned the snack booth, which sold hot dogs for $1 or for $1.50 “with kraut or onions.”

“It’s beautiful,” said Fontani, who said he was a wrestler for the French Foreign Legion in Algeria back when he was 21.


Sabu in Contact with TNA, Hogan Turns Down Payday

– Hulk Hogan has turned down AAA’s offer to work the July 15th TripleMania show in Mexico. Even though AAA has met the six figure asking price that Hogan was asking for, he still turned them down and told them that he isn’t doing anything at all this summer. AAA is still continuing to make a play for Paul Wight for TripleMania.

– Recently Hogan has been in talks with Jeff Jarrett as well but nothing has come to terms as Hogan’s asking price is way too high. Hogan was recently paid $75,000 just to do an autograph signing.

– New reports have indicated that Sabu has been in contact with returning to TNA Wrestling. Sabu has allies within TNA so a return to the company seems very likely at this point. Konnan has offered Sabu a spot with the Foreign Legion in AAA for the meantime.

Source: Wrestling Observer