WWE Hall of Fame ceremony tonight!

stonewhat.jpegDon’t forget to watch ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin get inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight at 10pm/9pm central time on the USA network. WWE.com will have live streaming of the event at 7pm.

The list of inductees are:

Stone Cold Steve Austin by Vince McMahon
– Steve will be winging his acceptance speech from the heart.

Ricky “The Dragon Steamboat by Ric Flair

“Cowboy” Bill Watts by Jim Ross

Koko B. Ware by The Honky Tonk Man

howard Finket by Gene Okerlund


Want to recieve a phonecall from Jake Roberts?

jakeroberts1.jpgJake ‘the Snake’ Robets posted in his MySpace:

Snake Tales DVD Ordering Information

Jake the Snake Roberts presents: “Snake Tales.”

A road stories DVD from Jake himself and the 1st shoot interview released by the Snake himself!

The first 50 orders will receive a special bonus: a five minute phone call from Jake.

Pricing: $24.95 plus $5.95 for S&H.

International pricing: $24.95 plus $7.95 for S&H.

Autographed DVDs: $34.95 plus appropriate shipping.

Pre-orders now being taken @ paypal ID: farmgirl@atlantic.net

Please e-mail the site and we’ll provide a mailing address if you’d like to send a check or money order.

Allow up to three weeks for delivery; four weeks for signed DVDs.

Any question? Feel free to ask!

Jake Roberts posing with George ‘The Animal’ Steele

New Jake interview

Check out Jake’s interview with Bill Apter (complete with a cameo at the end!)

Ric Flair enters the NWA Hall of Fame

Big day for Ric and one of the biggest reasons Ric struck out on his own from WWE. Congratulations, Ric!

Ric Flair to accept his NWA hall of fame award


Charlotte, NC (September 21, 2008) ? On June 7, 2008 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA the National Wrestling Alliance® installed The Iron Sheik, Tommy Rich, The Midnight Express, The Corsica Brothers, Nikita Koloff and Ric Flair into the NWA? Hall of Fame. All but one living member of the class of 2008 was present to receive the NWA Hall of Fame Medal and today we are pleased to announce that ?Nature Boy? Ric Flair will be presented the honour on Saturday October 4th at the RMB Fairgrounds in Robstown, TX.

?I’m happy that we are able to present our Hall of Fame honour to Ric in person. We were worried that he would never be able to display our medal with the rest of his accolades. It also pleases me to know that Ric is very enthusiastic to accept it. I’d also like to thank the Gillespie Agency for their cooperation in making this presentation a reality,? said NWA Executive Director Robert K. Trobich.

The Ceremony will take place during the NWA 60th Anniversary Tour stop at the RMB Fairgrounds. Currently scheduled to appear on the card is NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion ?Scrap Iron? Adam Pearce, King V (formally Big Daddy V), Sean Waltman, NWA Worlds Tag Team Champions Los Luchas, Rob Conway, ?Shooter? Brent Albright and NWA North American Champion Mike DiBiase. The event is scheduled to being at 7:30 PM following the Ric Flair Meet and Greet benefiting the area’s Boys and Girls Club.

Tickets are on sale now at the Fairgrounds Box Office, www.rmbfairgrounds.com
Taqueria Jalisco 829 Industrial or by calling 361-387-9002. This special event is a presented in association with Big Vision Entertainment, Inc.

(source: Dr. Keith Lipinski)

Wrestling Great Jake “The Snake” Roberts Apparently Drugged

jakeroberts016.jpgNEW YORK, NY, Sep 22, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — Wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts was apparently drugged while working an independent wrestling show in Cleveland, Ohio on September 12th.

Prior to the show, Roberts had been offered a drink. As a recovering alcoholic he should not have accepted it. But the ramifications turned out to be far worse than potentially falling off of the wagon. Jake — who has always been candid with the public about the ups and downs of his life — seemingly accepted a drink that was drugged.

Roberts went on to wrestle in the promotion he was scheduled for. The video, ended up all over the Internet. His behavior did not appear to be that of someone who had one too many drinks. Instead, he appeared to be in an altered state that could best be described as incoherent.

The next morning Roberts awoke in his hotel room, with no recollection of participating in a wrestling match the previous night. Now, ten days after the event, his memory continues to be fuzzy and he is slowly getting back to himself.
“I have never been so frightened in my life. As a person who has struggled with alcoholism, I know what it is to have had one too many. This was something totally different. It is as if I am coming out of amnesia.”

Jake “The Snake” Roberts is a beloved, legendary figure in the wrestling world. Few wrestlers, past or present, command the attention and respect that he does. This incident should be a wake up call to all people that, “If it could happen to Jake, it could happen to you.”

Yearly, numerous people have illicit substances slipped into their drinks making them completely vulnerable to victimization. If a tough, 6’5″, 265 lbs veteran wrestler could be slipped a drugged drink than it could happen to anyone.

There is potential speculation that with the state of the economy as it is, an unscrupulous individual could have sought to make Jake look bad and in so doing possibly raise his or her stature in the wrestling world.

“This has been a terrifying experience. I do not want anyone else to have to go through this kind of thing,” he said.

Ara E. Chekmayan
Tactical Public Relations, Inc.

Jake engaged in self-reflection.

Jake the Snake drugged crazed actions not his fault?

jake_the_snake_wrestler.jpgTMZ has footage that shows Jake “The Snake” Robert’s much talked about self-destruction over the weekend. The footage shows a drunk and incoherent Roberts stumbling in the ring.

TMZ claims sources report that Jake was passed out backstage prior to his match. When Snake was woken up, sources claim he was aggressive, violent and asked for an “8-ball.” Two dozen empty airplane bottles of vodka were apparently found by his gear. Jake was unable to perform and the match was ended early and Roberts was trashed by his opponent. Jake responded by pulling down the front of his pants and exposing his penis to the crowd.

Jake has had a long and difficult history with substance abuse and by all reports had been making a serious effort to stay clean. Now, add claims by Shannon, Jake’s assistant, which alleges that Jake had been drugged prior to the incident.

From Shannon, Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ assistant, in response to the incident that was captured on video this past weekend:

Jake was booked at a show this weekend in Cleveland. He went to this show, doing a live interview earlier in the morning for the promotion, that by all reports went very smoothly. His appearance at the show did not.

Before I tell you what I know about what happened to him at the show, and that knowledge is very limited, I was not there, I will tell you this. Jake’s behavior would normally be construed as completely unacceptible. I understand from the promoter that he spend endless time wandering back and forth to the bar. Jake took his rehab from the WWE very seriously, and has not done such a thing in months, so this behavior made me really scratch my head as to the REASON. My sincere apologies go out to JC, the over the top kind natured promoter who did nothing to deserve this, and has been nothing but kind to Jake, and by association, myself as well. My sincere apologies to the fine fans of Cleveland, you did not deserve this at all.

That for this, again. Jake was given an open container of what he was told was a cold drink. That happened when he got to the venue. He remembers nothing between that time, and the time he woke up the next morning in the motel, alone, beaten, injured. I had a really fun time getting him back on the same page, by phone, to just get him to the airport to try to get back home. It was a constant string of conversation just to get him to MOVE. This is not how he behaves ever. On his worst days, Jake has always had total recall.

Jake was drugged. He has been home since Saturday afternoon about 4:30PM and up until last night about 8:30PM, had not eaten or slept. His standard answer for everything the last two days has been “I don’t know.”

That is the other side of the story, folks, believe it or not, it is certainly your choice. I’m dealing with the guy they sent home, and folks, it is frightening to both me, and to him, and really not much fun. To the guy’s that did this, and I say this often when confronted with sub-human behavior, something I see far too often I’m sorry to say, God’s a funny guy. You’ll get yours, I have no doubt at all.

Thank you for reading.

Shannon, Jake’s assistant
Team Snake

JR posts on recent troubles with Ric Flair

wwe-jim-ross-jr.jpgFirst of all, please make sure you understand that there is no one in the business that I have had more fun with or that I respect more for being the greatest in-ring performer of all time than I do Ric Flair. Someone asked me recently if I had to name just one match that I consider really special it would have to be around 1989 when Ricky Steamboat came back into the TBS wrestling picture and began another chapter in his storied rivalry with Ric Flair. Their match in Chicago at the UIC Pavilion was one of the most amazing bouts I can ever remember broadcasting and their chemistry was virtually seamless and oh so physical.

Some of my most fun and memorable moments outside the wrestling ring have come with “Naitch” as well. My stories and experiences with him are damn near endless. For many years when I lived in Dallas and Atlanta, I was single and when Flair came to town it was “on” without question.

I have never nor will I ever judge if Ric was right or wrong leaving the WWE recently but I can understand him wanting to strike while the iron is hot and make as much money as he can as quickly as he can. Ric’s personal obligations not to mention the fact that he has to prepare for his financial future like all of us can’t go unaddressed.

Blackjack Mulligan who probably knows Flair as well as anyone told noted wrestling writer Mike Mooneyham that Jack was worried about what would become of Ric once he retired. Many of us were happy that the WWE hired Ric to be a “Good Will Ambassador” for a healthy amount of money. Some thought that perhaps this would keep the charismatic individual with the seemingly unscratchable itch for excitement and living on the edge content.

It didn’t.

Then “The Champ” signed with an agency to handle his bookings. This should be a good thing. However, what Ric Flair needs is full time management on a on going basis and not just some one to negotiate a fee and book Ric to go somewhere and sign his name.

Ric needs some one to help protect Ric from Ric.

The incidents of the past few days have troubled me. Seeing my dear friend with a nasty, black eye as a result of a still somewhat unexplained incident involving his youngest daughter and. allegedly. her boyfriend. Bad publicity soon followed the incident that included Ric’s own daughter get tasered by the police.

This is not a good deal any way one slice’s it. Yeah, it might be great cannon fodder for a reality show but is that a good thing?

Perhaps “Naitch” should ask “The Hulkster” about that one.

I desperately want Ric Flair to be happy and successful. He deserves as much. Ric Flair is loved by many of us and revered in the world of sports and entertainment by some of the most prominent personalities alive.

I wanted to call “Naitch” when I heard of the ordeal he went through this week but I realized that for the first time in years and years that I did not have his cell number. I can’t remember the last time I did not have Ric Flair’s phone number and how much I looked forward to his text messages during college football season or the hilarious texts I would sometimes receive at 4 in the morning. Some of Ric’s other friends have said they have called but have been unable to reach him.

At least they have his number.

I just want the Nature Boy story to have a happy ending. The legacy of Ric Flair will endure long after many of us are gone and just as any other larger than life personality the legend of “The Naitch” will grow.

Let’s all think positive thoughts that there will be a happy ending to the amazing life of Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Amen, to that.

“There are legends and all time greats, but there is only one Ric Flair.” —liner notes

Rick Flair in Embarrassing Domestic Fight

flair838ssk.jpgFormer professional wrestler Rick Flair is in the middle of an embarrassing incident involving drinking, domestic squabbling and the police that resulted in Rick Flair taking (and giving) a beating in a fight with his daughter’s 22-year-old boyfriend. No charges we laid against the men, but Flair’s daughter, Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, has been charged for resisting police after the 22-year-old became belligerent and kicked an officer.

Chapel Hill police Lt. Kevin Gunter said Tuesday that neighbors called police about 2:30 a.m. Friday about a fight at an apartment in the city about 30 miles northwest of Raleigh. The fight was over when the police arrived, but the police followed a trail of blook to Fliehr’s apartment.

Ashley Fliehr told police the men had fought but it was over and things were fine. Officers found Flair on a bed in the back room and the boyfriend in another part of the apartment. Flair admitted to fighting with the boyfriend but didn’t want to press charges.

The Nature Boy has a temper. In 2005, Rick Flair was charged with road rage from an incident in Charlotte, N.C.

Everyone’s smiling in this shot and hoping the incident goes away quickly.

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